Dan Slott Teases Marvel Event

Marvel is holding a press conference at 2pm eastern time. Amazing Spider-Man writer seems to have the scoop about the announcement. Many have speculated that it will be announced that Benedict Cumberbach will be officially confirmed as Doctor Strange in an upcoming Marvel movie. However, Slott hints that it’s Spider-Man related. Could Disney have bought the Spider-Man rights back from Sony? What do you think it’s about? 

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  1. Nick MB

    If the Sony deal is anything like the X-Men one, any character from the Spider-Man corner of the universe is in Sony's corner. Hence why there are rumours about writers being discouraged from creating new X-Men characters to avoid "giving" them to Fox. So creating spin-off characters like Silk and Spider-Gwen just means Sony can make films about them if they take off. But Marvel apparently have a friendlier relationship with Sony than they do Fox - I think there were some negotiations to get the animation rights back? - so maybe don't care as much.

  2. Old Guy

    Actually maybe I am really behind the curve on this, but I wonder if Marvel/Disney is really trying to populate the Spider-Man comics with characters that are NOT controlled by Sony for the movies, so then they could put the characters from their comics into their movies. Obviously they can't use old school spider-characters like Peter, Mary Jane, Vulture, etc. SpOck would certainly cause a lawsuit since Sony controls Otto/Dr. Octopus. But I imagine Silk is fair game for Marvel movies, as well as the rest of the new folks. If Peter and Mary Jane are out of it, is Spider-Girl available for Marvel? How about Spider-Man 2099? Maybe the whole Spider-Verse is all about re-aligning which characters are going to be in the flagship books, and therefore used in Avengers, etc. Get the kids to think of Spider-Man 2099 in the Avengers. Or Spider-Ham in Guardians of the Galaxy. Just quit using ANY of the characters controlled by Sony and leave Sony hanging with heroes and villains that don't have a current comic book.

  3. Andrew_C

    Oh great. Another meaningless status-quo changing publicity stunt that will be undone in a year. What's it this time? Spider-Man is replaced by the Ultimate verse Spider-Woman Peter clone?

  4. RDMacQ

    So, with the cinematic news out, it sounds it has nothing to do with movie news and just stuff that's likely to spill out of Spider-Verse.

  5. Stillanerd

    Welp, given how Kevin Feige. when asked if Spider-Man was being brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, responded by saying “Anything that wasn’t specifically revealed today is either not true at all or still rumor,” Dan Slott's earlier tweet was either something "Spider-Verse" related, or today's interview he gave with Comic Book Resources: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=56646

  6. Magnetic Eye

    #3 That would be fantastic news. A Marvel Studios Spider-Man film should be a total reboot, new cast and all. Goodbye Phony Sony.

  7. Big John

    OhPleaseOhPleaseOhPlease let Marvel have the rights back. . . I'm just as excited about the prospect of Marvel Studios' Spider-Man as I am about the prospect of more Spectacular Spider-Man cartoons

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