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ultspiderman100 I’m going to interview legendary Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley at the Tulsa Wizard World Comic Con. I’ve got the interview lined up for mark-bagley-fantastic-four-joins-the-wizard-world-comic-con-tour-2Sunday, November 9th. I’ll take message board questions from the Crawlspace fans. Please be short and concise with your questions. Here is the thread where you can ask them. Please get them in a couple days before November 9th so I can print them out and take them on my trip. This will be a video interview and I’ll also cut the audio and make a podcast out of it. Mark is also doing a commission for me of an upside down kiss with Spidey and Mary Jane. I can’t wait to see it.

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  1. Al

    I don't care if it's Ultimate Peter/MJ or 616, but BD, I beg of you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post the commission of the upside down kiss by Bagley on Crawlspace, I've always wanted to see him draw that.

  2. MC3

    Yay, another Peter/MJ moment, good to know these artists are keen on helping fans who keep the faith in those two

  3. George Berryman

    Quick reminder, since I know it's likely to happen. Please don't post your questions for Mr. Bagley in this comment thread. Instead, please post them in the message board link Brad provided above so he can keep the questions consolidated in one spot. Thanks Crawlspacers! :cool:

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