Dan Slott Talks to CBR

Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott talks to CBR about some recent deaths in the pages of the book. He also talks about the Spider-Verse. The interview kind of goes off the rails towards the end and CBR Executive Producer  Jonah Weiland jokingly says, “This is the worst interview I’ve ever done.”

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  1. hornacek

    @12 - "and saturday morning kids cartoon dialogue". Now that's not fair, what about the 90s Spidey show? And Spec Spidey? Saturday morning cartoons don't have to talk down to kids, it's just that most of them choose too.And don't forget about the Smurfs! That wasn't your typical Saturday morning cartoon dialogue; they secretly tried to convince American children that communism works.

  2. hornacek

    I'm sure during Goblin Nation the fans were saying "Gosh, I hope nothing happens to Carlie Cooper!"

  3. RDMacQ

    @#5- Or it could mean the same thing as when he said "No One Was Safe" during Goblin Nation- in that only minor characters that really no one cares about will be killed off and don't impact the plot or mythos in any major way, and will just serve to stir people up rather than be something that is genuinely controversial.

  4. Scarlet Spider

    @5 - “No one is safe”, he really means, “Nobody, except for the awesome, totally perfect characters that I’ve created to replace the older ones, is safe”. - This is so accurate it's painful. I liked a few of the Edge of Spider-Verse characters, but none of these new Spider-People are as interesting as most of the ones Slott has killed off.

  5. hornacek

    @7 - Yeah, he seems perfectly fine with killing off long-standing and/or classic Spider-people because they're creating a bunch of new ones. The problem with that argument is that the Spider-people being killed off have been around for a long time and most have a lot of fans. Despite the immediate and overwhelming love of Spider-Gwen, do we really think that most of these new Spider-people are going to be remembered years from now? I didn't read any of Edge of SV, but just from reading the reviews, I don't think the ones beside Spider-Gwen will be more popular than Amazing Friends Spidey in years to come.He's talking as if the Spider-people is a quantity issue (i.e. he can kill off a bunch as long as they create an equal number to replace them) when it's really a quality issue.

  6. Insane2201

    Yeah, as Slott has said a bunch of people are creating new Spider-men/Women. The problem with this kind of event is that. The kill old characters that were perfectly fine with either a "happy" ending or something showing that they are content with going on. Then boom Spider-verse comes in, where artists and writers are creating all this new stuff. Then they kill the older stuff because "my Spider-person is the best EVUR!"

  7. hornacek

    "Spider-Man. It's pretty awesome." Not even a minute in and they've lost me.Tom Breevort: (off-screen) "Alpha!"

  8. QuilSniv

    Based on what we've seen of Slott's fine Spider-Verse event, and by that I mean train-wreck inside the main ASM run, I used my backwards-thinking mind to interpret what Slott says in subtle, hidden morse code messages he sends to his creative team in his mind.When he says "No one is safe", he really means, "Nobody, except for the awesome, totally perfect characters that I've created to replace the older ones, is safe". I don't like to bash people, but Slott's made himself a candidate for criticism, and that's the first thing I'm gonna do if ASM 9 turns out bad.

  9. Herman Schultz

    Yeah, I thought after I posted it might have been something they've talked about before. I guess I'll wait and see what I hear about Spider-verse, I mean I barely pick up any comics as it is but if I hear good things about the main arc I might look into it. I'm a sucker for crossover stories.

  10. Nick MB

    @1 They didn't mention Peter much, although that was probably mostly because they agreed early on to discuss Edge of Spider-Verse rather than Spider-Verse as they'd already talked about Spider-Verse before. And Peter hasn't really been in Edge at all.Good interview. I enjoy a little fun and camaraderie among folk, and it's also interesting to hear Slott talk about the pros of Marvel Method, as someone who finds it quite hard to get his head around it. (I understand it, I just love full scripts more.)

  11. Herman Schultz

    I try not to bash Slott too much as I've not read much of his stuff myself, and I might have just missed it as admittedly I get distracted sometimes when watching things (and I don't want to watch it again) but did Slott actually talk about Peter in the upcoming events, beyond again saying he's his favourite character? I just find it interesting as usually most writers (well I dunno about comics so much as honestly I don't follow a lot, mostly tv and stuff) talk about how an event will involve or effect the main character, but this interview seemed to talk about everything but him, I mean even the new Miss Marvel's involvement got talked about more than what Peter will go through or face or whatever, especially when he mentioned about something (I think it was Miss Marvel but I can't skip back to that part and I'm not watching it all again) feeling like classic Spider-man.Of course this is an interview and the interviewer should have probably asked as well, I just found it interesting it didn't even seem to come up about Peter when discussing Spiderverse.

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