Sony, Spider-Man and a Glass Ceiling?

SilverSableFrom comes the following rumoury tidbit.

We heard that Sony has plans for a female Spidey character to get her own movie, but what if the plans were for all the Spidey characters to come together in one movie? That’s the premise of the project they’re calling Glass Ceiling (likely not the actual title) – a team-up movie that would bring the female Spidey characters together. 

There are not a ton of female superheroes that would be part of the Spider-Man package. The ones that spring immediately to mind are:

The Black Cat

Silver Sable



It’s not really clear if Spider-Woman is part of the package, but I suspect she is. It’s also possible that Firestar, who was created for the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon, is part of the movie package. Black Cat, of course, is a cat burglar who has the power to give other people bad luck. Silver Sable is a gun-toting mercenary. 

Is Glass Ceiling actually going to happen? It’s one of the ideas that Sony has been kicking around. As I’ve said before, I don’t think Sony even knows what they’re doing, so claiming that this is actually happening is incredibly premature. It’s an idea that’s out there. 

Take that with a huge grain of salt for now. No sources are attributed and there’s a lot speculation and supposition involved. I do agree with one thing though; Sony doesn’t have a clue on what to do with an expanded Spider-Man universe right now.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Ben

    @15 - :) @16 ~ Like hornacek said. No one has shown any ill-will towards Quesada's daughter, so I'm sure she would realize it isn't personal. I understand where your coming from though. If Carlie Cooper is a perfect example of why you shouldn't name your fictional characters after your loved ones.

  2. hornacek

    @16 - I don't think I've seen any posts on here going back to the start of BND that have disparaged the actual Carlie (Quesada's daughter), it's the character that people hate and the forced editorial mandate of her being perfect for Peter that people couldn't stand. Quesada naming this perfect woman for Peter after his own daughter, it reflects more on him than his daughter. "This character is perfect for Peter and she'll make you forget all about Mary Jane, Gwen Stacey, and any previous Peter Parker love interests. Oh, and by the way, she's named after my daughter, because I think my daughter is perfect and you'll think Carlie the character is perfect so everything is just perfect."

  3. QuilSniv

    As much of a valid point you guys make, and I'm nowhere close to disagreeing, I feel really bad for Joe Quesada's daughter. Because her dad makes this entire character based only off her name, she'll look on the internet and see people hating on her namesake left and right. You'd think after all that crap her dad had put her name through, he'd retcon her or something to spare her some embarrassment.

  4. QuilSniv

    Let's see if they're crazy desperate enough to bring Carlie Cooper into this mess. @11- Desperate enough that this is, boiled down, the Femme Squad of the Spider-Verse.

  5. Cheesedique

    Wonder if this comes in light of the very recent Wonder Woman movie announcement from Warner Bros. and now Marvel's own Captain Marvel movie announcement. You can almost hear them saying "chick superheros? We'll give them a movie FULL of chick superheroes!". @ #9 - pretty much. It's kind of embarrassing to have Spidey in both mediocre movies and mediocre comics now at the same time. Like none of the people who make either really know what to do with the best comic superhero.

  6. Spideymaddox

    Sony needs to accept the fact that they only have one character who is capable of carrying a movie and thats Spider-man himself.

  7. Frontier

    I could see a few of these characters maybe, and I emphasize maybe, holding their own movie. But shoved all together into a team-up movie? Nope, not seeing it, and it just speaks more to how Sony has no idea what to do with the franchise and are as desperate as Fox to keep the license when it seems that, unless their next Spider-Man movie is successful, they won't be able to viably keep from Marvel.

  8. Scarlet Spider

    Glass Ceiling - Starring a bunch of supporting characters only comic readers would care about!!

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