Spider-Marriage Teaser

Entertainment Weekly got a nice teaser. What do you think?

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  1. Matt

    If they did this and Slott wasn't writing anymore then I'd be back buying Spider-Man for the first time since the final issue of OMD. Obviously they won't, but it's nice to think about...

  2. packersjames90

    Calling it now Secret Wars is the death of the 616 U. and Marvel will pull a new 52. this is marvel's way of giving 616 Peter and his fans a happy ending.

  3. MC3

    Alonzo's "they're all canon" comments make sense now, seeing as it will be 616 in which these realitys will dwell So it might appear that "Renew Your Vows" could be another "Learning to Crawl"-type deal, with Slott taking a crack at the marriage whip while carrying on with the usual single Spidey stuff in ASM.

  4. Jack

    Based on the new Secret Wars trailer, this image is a chunk of some alternate world that got jig-saw-pieced together into planet "Battleworld Forged."

  5. MC3

    #72...I doubt that. Marvel's most iconic character divorcing would get all kinds of bad press and upset kids. Say what some will about Quesada and how he approached things (in a very, very wrong way) but he had the right idea not to have Peter and MJ give up, especially after triumphing over a seperation in a rather inspired way, as Mayday herself said in #8, "mom would never leave him...ever", the only reason they can get away with MJ leaving Peter now is in a reality that was created through chaos magic, so you really don't have to blame the characters for any of the dopey out-of-synch decisions they are making in the story, Marvel are probably banking on you thinking "the devil made them do it"

  6. Sano

    Yeah it's real. They'll get married and he'll get his daughter back. Only because after "Everything Ends" drops they'll reboot everything and leave Spider-Man stuck in High School FOREVER!

  7. Xander VJ

    You know, guys? There's also the possibility that they get married again... just to separate them once more, only this time deals-with-the-devil free, so they make it "right". Just sayin'.

  8. Evan

    #68-#70 -- I will say that one positive outcome regarding the current state of Amazing Spider-man is that is has me interested in rereading old issues. Given the dismay that readers are expressing on the Crawlspace as a result of MC2 Peter and Mary Jane, as well as the consistent appreciation for the storytelling in Spider-Girl, I'd like to read that series. I bought the first issue upon its release (mainly as a collector's item), but I didn't read much beyond it. Now is my chance.

  9. Spider-Dad

    IF this was to be a real book, not a mini, not a one-shot, not an alternate universe, not a dream sequence and not a What-If, then I would return and buy ASM in a heart beat. However, I doubt that is the case...so I get to continue saving my money and enjoying re-reading the older Spider-Man books. Great image though...

  10. asdf

    All these summer teasers are proving to me these are ALL a part of "Time Falls Apart", which is Hickman's Avengers event finale, with the multiverse apparently collapsing, the Illuminati and SHIELD at war with each other, and the only force protecting the world now seeming to be Namor, Thanos, and their new Cabal.

  11. QuilSniv

    @61- “Also Tom D said he’d love MC2 Peter and MJ to have a happy ending.” EXCITEMENT! Also, #IronicForeshadowing on Tom D's part.

  12. MC3

    ..Sorry, meant to say "will be surprised..." Also Tom D said he'd love MC2 Peter and MJ to have a happy ending.

  13. MC3

    #59, honestly, I will not be surprised if MC2 Peter does'nt turn out to be the "mystery spider", and MJ and Wes' deaths in the same issue were only implied. Like I keep saying, fans are putty in Marvel's hands, look at all the paranoia going into the idea that they won't be brining back the marriage long term. I'm on the fence about it, preparing myself for jubilation and dread at the same time, but if this were a story about clones or skrulls or whatever, WHY call it "renew your vows?", keep also in mind Axel Alonzo said all the summer 2015 stories all "count" and are based in real time

  14. SMAS90s0bserver

    @AmazingOSUman Except Slott just killed M2 Universe's Peter. On a semi-related note, was M2's Deadpool killed in the "Deadpool Kills Deadpool" series? I do not remember seeing him die. But, just like that series, I think it boil down to one Spider-Man left standing.

  15. GeorgeEl

    ok, Marvel. Then MAYBE after a 7 year break from comics, maybe just maybe I'll come back. Thank goodness for the CS podcast to keep me updated on things in the meantime.

  16. AmazingOSUman

    If they somehow "undo" this deal with Mephisto, I'd be back, at least to see. I dropped out "for good" about halfway through SSM, during that stupid Raft arc, where the mayor of NY appears to have the option of ordering executions. I would read the M2 universe, or a universe where MJ and Pete are married. Or if they separate, if it is written well. Or MJ is dead. (I wouldn't LIKE that, but I'd still read it.) Or have MJ lose her mind, or, or, all kinds of things you could do, if you MUST have a single Spidey. But Spider-Man who accepts a deal with the devil? No. And Spider-Man with the sexual ethics of a dog? No. Thank. You. Very. Much.

  17. Henry

    Any young man with a heart is in love with Peter and Mary Jane. What God has join together, let not man tear asunder. Let it go Mephisto. Let it go.

  18. Jack

    @46 -- "top 5". Aaaaand there we see the essence of Marvel's goalpost-moving. Top 10? Oh no, that's not good enough! Not top 5? Yup, that's the same thing as being down in the dogs, gotta save the series by erasing the marriage!

  19. Danbbqman

    If this image becomes part of next year's storyline they will find a way to screw it up. MJ will turn out to be a cyborg or a clone or, worse of all, both will be killed off during Secret Wars. Maybe we should all hope it IS just a teaser! not trying to stir the pot - just saying...

  20. Scarlet Spider

    Good trolling Marvel. I'm sure Slott will take great delight in introducing this Peter, giving fans what they want for a few issues, and then show him beaten to death or something.

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