Happy 87th Birthday to Steve Ditko

3861006-3035110246-tumblsteveditkoHappy 87th birthday to Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko. He was born in Johnston, PA back on November 2nd, 1927.
He helped create a character that is still loved 50+ years later and will be loved for generations to come. I know Steve will never see this post, but I want to publicly thank him for co-creating my favorite character in fiction and inspiring me to create this website.  Please join me in the comment sections of wishing him a happy birthday. 

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  1. Matthew

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ditko! Spider-Man has endured because of your great work on the character, including your work on an unforgettable rogues gallery.

  2. Danbbqman

    Happy Birthday Mr. Ditko! Thanks for Spider-Man and his cast of characters. Not only is Spidey the best, but so are his deadly foes : Sandman, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Vulture - they are all perfect!

  3. hornacek

    Happy birthday Steve! I may not agree with your Rand-ian views, but goddamn you co-created a great character and plotted some amazing (pun intended) stories. All future Spidey writers have been trying to copy If This Be My Destiny with the lifting of the too-heavy-to-lift machinery, but you can't improve upon perfection. Bravo.

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