Everything Ends in Spring 2015

unnamedMarvel sent over this latest teaser, what does it mean? 

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  1. Sdiddy

    Just like "The Rock" says: JUST BRING IT !!!!! The idea is fine, bringing all these alternate reality characters to face each other ... In the end, it'll be about execution of the story ... If they're fighting against their own extinction ... What survives would be the what Marvel Comics looks like ... My only suggestion is, don't do it half way!

  2. Bill

    [Yaaaaawwwn] Huh? Did someone say something? What? Everything Ends?! Oh No!! Marvel is going to destroy the Marvel U and cancel all of their comics. I'm so worried.

  3. Spider-Dad

    My money is on it just being another renumbering of all titles back to #1's....rinse, repeat every 2 years.

  4. 666andahalf

    @20: You know that when Marvel states something in their promos and marketing, that they don't exaggerate their words.

  5. George Berryman

    Everything? EVERYTHING is ending?! Bad editorial decisions? Acting like pretentious, condescending jackasses to readers? The non-stop assault of event after event?! EVERYTHING?!

  6. herbiepopnecker

    Already, Thor Odinson is slated to face off against...um...Thor Odindaughter? I don't Sam will be Captain America for long. Well, these two aren't everything, but...

  7. herbiepopnecker

    Already, Thor Odinson is slated to face off again...um...Thor Odindaughter? I don't Sam will be Captain America for long. Well, these two aren't everything, but...

  8. Ben

    @14 ~ I think this is a Marvel centric thing. All of these vague teasers (including the Spider-Marriage and Civil War) seem to be connected to the same crossover event.

  9. RDMacQ

    Was this Marvel centric or Spider-Man centric? This also might not have anything to do with Marvel as a whole. Remember "The End" teaser for the Ultimate Universe?

  10. Raul

    I don't buy it. They want us to think that secret war event is going to be a reboot the universe. Why would they do a reboot when they just make falcon be captain america and are planning to release new on goings for silk and spider-gwen. Just to undue it all?

  11. Frontier

    On the one hand, this certainly adds fuel to the fire that Marvel is going to reboot everything and "Everything Ends" sounds pretty ominous. On the other, Marvel knows that doing a full-on reboot would draw comparisons to the New 52 and they pride themselves (however inaccurately) on their history and continuity, so whatever it ends up being it likely won't be a straight reboot. At best, I could see Secret War and the Incursions ending with most of the Multiverse done away with and the main MU turned into something much more resembling the MCU which is what Marvel's always been heading towards. So expect the FF to still be disbanded, maybe a lot of the X-Men turned into Inhumans, and the current Avengers movie roster being reflected in the comics. Also, an entire line-wide relanuch of all books into brand-spanking new #1's for like umpteenth time. As for what this might mean for Spidey? I don't know... I could see Marvel finally putting him back in high school, or officially bringing back Gwen Stacy and basing her more on the Emma Stone portrayal, but I'm not sure. It's not like they even really know what to do with him now other than develop spin-off books.

  12. Ben

    Seems to confirm the suspicions that this is going to be Crisis On Infinite Earth's Marvel style. We can only hope this leads to Spider-Man getting a reboot that was as good as Batman: Year One.

  13. Nick MB

    Spring is about when "Time Runs Out" according to the current Avengers arc, maybe with Marvel's characters are all getting sent off to different alternate realities for the summer. And then they come back, maybe some with slightly tweaked backstories or setups, but I'm still pretty sure Marvel wouldn't want to do a full history-erasure. They seem to enjoy letting that be seen as "DC's thing".

  14. MC3

    The popular word going about for this is "reallingment", given what Alonzo has said, I like to think Marvel are saying goodbye to the sliding time-scales and focusing more on "real time" for the forseeable future (very much one recommensdation from the Fantastic Four: Great American Novel website)

  15. Jason

    Peter's marriage purgatory ends? All universes except Earth 1 (616, really?) cease to exist? Slott's reign of terror? I seriously hope Marvel does not pull it's own version of DC's relaunch. I used to be a huge Superman fan, but the relaunch killed that. Starting from the beginning was confusing on more than one level.

  16. ItsMichaeleid

    Its probably just Marvel Relaunching all its titles hence the "Everything Ends". I think its not as big as people might think it is.

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