Ultimate Spider-Man cancelled?


Looks like Ultimate Spider-Man is cancelled after the Third Season, according to the Daily Marvelite and Comic Book Movie. Com


According to “The Animation Guild Blog”, a site dedicated to bring inside news on animation studios, Film Roman. the studio behind the current Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, all the crew working on the show has been laid off as production on the show has ended. This mean that season 3, dubbed “Web-Warriors” will be the show’s last.

More as this develops.

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  1. Thenightcrawler

    It's not,a new episode is coming up,Ant-Man,well ultimate dead pool was the best episode

  2. Patrick Lemke

    Film Roman halted production =/= Cancelled. Season 3 has barely aired, so it would take a while before any show would get renewed for another season. It's just as easy to assume they are giving it a new team to work on it.

  3. Ben

    Glad this is gone. I watched the Spider-Verse episodes and cringed at how badly all the characters (excluding Miles) we're portrayed. However, considering how badly they messed this show up, I don't want Spectacular to come back if it's going to be produced by Disney. Wiseman needs creative control for Spectacular to work.

  4. Spec Spider Fan

    Stick a fork it in it. It has been done for some time. Bring back Spectacular indeed. So, so much better at capturing the true soul of the character.

  5. Xander VJ

    First and foremost, if this is true, my sympathies for everyone who's been laid off. I've been there in my own field of work, and I know saying "it sucks" is an understatement. On the other hand, I can't say I will miss this show. Albeit it was starting to get better, it was never near the quality level of the animated series from the 90s, let alone "Spectacular Spider-Man". Now, we can only hope the next animated show will be better. I know asking for a continuation of "Spectacular Spider-Man" is too much. But what about a spiritual sequel? That could work! Yeah, I know it's still difficult, since Disney probably will want to use the show to promote other Marvel characters for the cinematic universe (as if it needed it...), but still it's feasible.

  6. LaVa121

    Considering this is disney and the have more money than.... Well.... Everyone. I believe it's because they are taking a new on a new style of animation for this show this leading to firing anyone who works on this show. If anyone has seen the new GOTG animated series preview, it's a different animation style than what already exists and it's better. I don't believ this show is acctually getting cancelled rather than just getting a whole new team to work on the show. And let's face it, Hulk and the Agents of Smash would get cancelled far sooner than Ultimate Spider-man would.

  7. Mike

    It would really be redeeming for the show to somehow softly tie it in to the actual COMIC spider-verse event and we see this peter die.

  8. ItsMichaelReid

    PHEW! Made it!! We, Spiderman fans, deserve a reward for living through this nightmare. Maybe,hopefully, we can get a decent show with a side of spiderman we haven't seen before and ACTUALLY stays true for once?! Like the mystical side of Spiderman that JMS introduced during his run or maybe a more scientific approach on Spiderman.

  9. QuilSniv

    @1- We can always be hopeful, though. @5- Agreed. Even though the show was mediocre at best, it sucks to see so many people laid off because they don't wanna put any effort into finding some way to put their talents to good use (Except Jeph Loeb. That man will be the one person that ruins Marvel Animation) @7- I'll admit, it was starting to improve, but that Jessie crossover was just plain unnecessary. Especially with no explanation as to how they got there as far as I'm aware. Are they even part of the same universe? Does that mean Spider-Man has a sitcom counterpart? He has a laugh track that mocks him every time somebody gets away with murder a couple blocks away? Good God, I hope not. @8- I know, I loved that show, too! But at least with Transformers: Prime they gave at least something of an ending (Along with War for Cybertron and its sequel as an aligned continuity), that gave some type of ending and some closure as to the fates of the characters. With other series, 'eh, they aren't buying our toys, let's just cancel their favorite TV series to make a new show'. I'll agree with you on that, along with the fact that Jeph Loeb will probably make some excuse like "Well, it's a sister series for the Amazing Spider-Man movies... wait, it's actually a tie-in that bridges the gap between the two movies... um.... go watch the Avengers!" Good riddance, USM. Too bad you couldn't be as good as the comic you were named after.

  10. RDMacQ

    Not surprised. Not because of a lack of quality, mind you. It's just how shows work these days. Just look at Transformers Prime. That was a really great show. However, it also saw a rebranding in it's shorter third season with the "Beast Hunters" label, and was eventually cancelled to make way for a new show. This is pretty much just a rebranding of the series. I'm pretty sure we'll just get a new Spider-Man series announced pretty soon, probably even a sequel series. It will help the tie-in merchandise rebrand themselves as well, with new packaging and new merchandise to sell on the shelves. That was it can keep the merchandise from looking like "Shelf Sitters" and keep interest in the material high.

  11. Frontier

    And just when it was slowly, if only by a little, starting to really improve... Though it makes a lot of sense, since when you think about it the cartoon was always less about Spidey (because Marvel didn't have his movie rights at the time they were making it) and more using the character as a venue for introducing other Marvel characters. I don't think it was ever important for this to be a proper Spider-Man cartoon, since for the most part and despite having multiple Spider-Man characters, it's more a Marvel team-up cartoon in content. The only reason they're doing Spider-Verse, something inherently Spider-Man focused, is likely just to tie-in with the comic event. After three seasons, and with an episode count that leaves it as the longest Spider-Man cartoon, Marvel probably thinks they've had a good run and can cut it loose. Disappointing, but until they get the movie rights back I don't expect we'll be seeing a "real" Spider-Man cartoon anytime soon, let alone on the level of Spectacular.

  12. J.A. Morris

    Presuming it's true, it's good news. On the other hand, there's nothing to prevent Disney from creating another series where Spider-Man is a self-centered a$$hole with lots of chibi cutaways.

  13. Cortez

    Daily Marvelites were also the same mooks that said that USm would end after the second season, so i'm calling bull. I'll wait until a trustworthy and official source confirms this, not some. Not some rumor site looking for hit.

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