Secret Wars 2015 Teaser

Marvel sent me this video showcasing the different battlworlds in the upcoming Secret Wars. What do you think? 

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  1. sthenurus

    @15 well from what I understand of DC the 70+ years have been retcon through other "crisis" haven't they?

  2. sthenurus

    @13 don't forget flashpoint was planned as a flash only event, and siege as a captain america/Thor event. Everything is possible. Beside I could see marvel use that event to streamline their multiverse by canceling lines that don't work but bring over popular characters (like the ultimate universe and miles morales) it'd be having your cake and eating it too. It could also be a big reset button for some characters while avoiding the whole "x numbers of years of story never happened" that DC got into

  3. RDMacQ

    @#12-Very true. However, I think given the fact that it was mainly meant to be an Avengers run, that it might not have the "widespread" ramifications that people are afraid that it will. True, there will probably be a lot of tie ins, and perhaps it will have a similar impact as something like Original Sin, but I doubt it will lead to a line-wide reboot as so many people suspect.

  4. Nick MB

    That's been reasonably common with a few recent events - Infinity was basically a Hickman Avengers arc, Axis seems to really be a promoted Uncanny Avengers arc. Although Hickman's known for incredibly detailed planning, so I can believe Marvel have had plenty of time to plot out ramifications.

  5. MC3

    And in turn, was'nt Hickman's Avengers stuff just an extension of what he wanted to do in his FF run?

  6. RDMacQ

    Methinks this was just an Avengers storyarc that Hickman had planned that was elevated up to being a major event, similar to what happened with Secret Invasion and Fear Itself.

  7. Raul

    You know if Marvel haven't release events after events, I would've been excited for this. The trailer was cool though.

  8. 666andahalf

    I kinda liked the trailer for this. Interested to see where it goes and how the call-backs to old events fits into everything.

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