Podcast # 338- Spider-News, Spider-Marriage, Female Spider-Movie, End of Ultimate Line

podcast338picWe tackle the latest Spider-News in this episode. We also read itune reviews and say goodbye to Michael Bailey from the show. Here’s the topics  we discuss. 

*Is the Spider-Marriage back? 
*Sony is discussing making a female Spider-centric team up movie
*Is this the end of the Ultimate universe? 
*Silk and Spider-Gwen ongoing series
*Amazing Spider-Man newspaper strip to be reprinted
*Spider-powers coming to the real world? 
*Guinness world record with Spider-Men?
*JR hates Secret Wars, so we thought we’d get his opinion on Secret Wars 2015
*Gerry Conway returns to write a Spider-Man mini series
*Kids vote for Spider-Man over the president


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Podcast # 337- 2014 Spider-Jeopardy

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  1. Sano

    Great podcast! Loved the Spider-Marriage talk. My guess is it will happen, the remarriage and the two finding Baby May. Right before they reboot everything and leave Spider-Man in high school FOREVER lol!

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