Secret Wars: Everything Old Is New Again

SWSpideyIn news that is likely to make J.R. Fettinger’s heart burst with joy, Marvel has announced that they are bringing the original 1980’s Secret Wars action figures back into production.

From (which also has an image of the Hobgoblin figure):

At the time, the series was tied into the popular Secret Wars action figure collection from Mattel. Gentle Giant digitally scanned the original figures and reproduced them in 12” scale, with no detail being overlooked. Roto and injection molded and made of durable plastics, this fully-articulated jumbo figure includes a faithfully re-produced lenticular shield. To further capture the vintage feel, Gentle Giant has packaged this figure with a Secret Wars-inspired backer card featuring original photos and artwork.

Both Brad Douglas and myself have fond memories of this toy line, which even included heroes and villains that didn’t appear in the Secret Wars comic, such as Hobgoblin, Falcon, Daredevil and others.

They Black Suit Spidey is available for pre-order right now at the Gentle Giant site.

The downside? It’s $90. Hey True Believers, nostalgia isn’t cheap. Unfortunately that’s prohibitive to me picking any up but your mileage may vary. At the Marvel link above they have a promo code for $20 off.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Javi Trujillo

    I had Spidey, Black Costume Spidey, Cap (who got stolen), Iron Man, and Doom. My black costume Spidey lost the paint on his back spider and while I would love to get a brand new figure, $90 is way too much. I'd rather save for a statue or 12 inch Hot Toys figure from Sideshow.

  2. Rama

    Was really excited for a minute. Then I saw the name Gentle Giant. Don't get me wrong. They make great stuff. However, I knew that any chance of getting these for the $29.99 that they are actually worth was gone as soon as I saw the name.

  3. Gino Ames

    Secret Wars was awesome, was so cool. I loved the way how they did it. Left one month back the next and then we had to wait and geuss at what happened. Secret Wars that was a different story. I remmember being all of thirteenth and thinkingwow, this is terrible.

  4. Dr. Pooper

    The heck with it, I'll be getting the both of them! I'm a sucker. But 12 inch versions of those guys, that's rad. Have the small black suit Spidey out of box and a Hobgoblin in box.

  5. AmFan15

    I loved those figures when they first came out, and I'd like to have some of them back, but $90 is way too much to pay for just one of them...even if it is black-suit Spidey.BTW, Doc Ock was always my favorite Spidey villain, and he had one of the coolest figures...but did anyone else have a LOT of trouble with his tentacles coming off? I went through three of them when I was younger.Oh, and I noticed the Wolverine flub, but I didn't get to comment on it in time...for shame, GB. ;) Did JR slip something in your drink?

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    @6 - "however the post states Wolverine was not in the series bur he was indeed."Yes he very much was. Something I am intimately familiar with since I have covered the Secret Wars #3 fight a few times here at Crawlspace and since I've read the Secret Wars eight trillion times.I've corrected the post. Good catch Gino. No idea why I wrote that. I'll plead the Rick James defense.<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  7. Gino Ames

    Loved the Secret Wars, however the post states Wolverine was not in the series bur he was indeed. Was super excited to get the Balck suit Spidey and a Wolverine back in the day.

  8. BD

    I had them all except the Hobgoblin. I never could find him. I'd pay $20 for these figures. For $90 you can get the actual figure.

  9. wwww789

    It's a shame that this is just a little too overpriced for me, say what you will about the story itself (I view it as a fun romp), the toys look awesome! (unfortunately I wasn't born early enough to experience them when they were first released)

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