Podcast # 342-Spider-History November 1972

podcast342JR takes us back to November 1972 for this months Spider-History. Only two Spider-books were released. However Spidey got one of his first costume tweaks in this issue. JR reviews: 
*Amazing Spider-Man # 114
*Marvel Team Up # 5


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  1. Danbbqman

    Wow, you all did not give this issue or Conway much love. I have always thought this to be one of my favorite spidy arcs. I love when he is fighting crime on the street level. I know it is not perfect. But it is a fun and entertaining read. The art is fantastic. I totally buy that his Spidey sense would not see Aunt May as a threat. Gwen is NOT the first girlfriend to think that her boyfriend's mom ( in this case aunt) had too much influence. This does not make her a "B". It seems to me that each issue Conway wrote got better, leading to the classic 121-122. Those issues are considered the most important arc iin Marvel history! He may have been influenced by others for his creations. But the debut of the Punisher is one of the most valuable and coveted of Spider-Man issues. Hey, the Beatles were influenced by Buddy Holly and countless artist were later influenced by The Beatles. That does not diminish their work. Of course, we have to accept the writing for it's time period. Just like you have to look past Stan Lee's silly 60's slang. Or the corny writing from movies of years gone by. I understand you may disagree, but I really enjoyed issues 113-115 They are miles ahead of what we're getting today.

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