Dec 2014 Podcast: Ask the Gang A Question

The-Amazing-Spider-Man-155-page-26-panel-2I messed up! I forgot to post a thread on our message board to ask the gang a question on our December show. I just posted it but we’re recording it on Friday at 9pm central. So there’s not much time to get your question in. So please get those question in ASAP. 
Keep it short, concise, original and unique.
I’m also introducing our newest panelist Ashley. So feel free to direct some questions to her and the rest of the panel.

The panel consists of:
Mike aka Stillanerd

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  1. hairychap

    Hey fellas, not quite Spidey related but as you're light on q's - what do you make of plans to 'humanise' X-Men's Apocalypse in the next film?

  2. Henry

    My first issue of spiderman was with Morbius. At the end of the comic spiderman grew four extra arms. I was so grossed out by the issue, I decided not to buy any more spidermen comics. Of-course I read my friends collection and had quite a collection of my own going, but I was stuck on not buying any new issues.That was about 40 plus years ago. With the new #1 of Spiderman I have finally started up again and I enjoy listening to your broadcasts as well.My question is this. Spiderman and so it seems most of Marvel, has been rehashing and rearranging the same original themes over and over again. Give the Hulk a different color, Iron man a new suit, Clone Spiderman, give him a new suit. Eliminate Mary Jane, bring back Mary Jane, eliminate rinse and repeat.My question is this. What was it about the original Marvel characters that was so fertile to last these 50 to 75 years of time? And why has it been so difficult to create fresh ideas in superhero land? Was it simply the times? Have the creative minds moved on to other mediums? Am I missing something?What in your opinions are the qualities that make a truly great superhero and cast of characters?I would enjoy listening your thoughts on this very important matter. : )

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