Spider-Captions # 291

show-Costume-mascot-font-b-hero-b-font-font-b-clothes-b-font-spiderman-FUR22-wholesaleWhat in the world is going on in this picture? 

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  1. JRT!

    Ryan - posted a reply in article above this one,stupid bot won't let me post it here as it keeps saying it's a bloody duplicate comment,it's NOT! Incredibly annoying! Gonna try and post it again here though,here it is,lol: But they have Disney XD and it's very kiddie. They wanted to go MORE kiddie? Gee! Glad that didn't work out,lol! J-R!

  2. Ryan3178

    XP was a channel Disney wanted to do that was very, very kiddy and instead just focused more on Disney Jr.

  3. JRT!

    Yeah,exactly what Disney XD would do. Don't know what Disney XP is though. Do they have more than one kiddie channel? They should bring back Spectacular Spidey,this Web Warriors is kinda meh,it has some fun moments here and there but it's very kiddie stuff. Of course,the kids at work love it,so I guess they're hitting the target audience,but they could always make another one geared towards us older kids,lol! J-R!

  4. ryan3178

    Disney XP presents: "The Amazing Spider-Man in an all new adventure." "Kid Party Spider-Man!" "Be there as he faces runny noses, Dr. Octopus stealing birthday cake." "And team-ups with all your favorite Disney characters!" "Guest starring R2D2 in the very first episode!" "Starts this Saturday!"

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