“Spider-Man” Interrupts Soccer Match

As some our UK Crawlspace readers can attest to, Brits have a passion for what they call football and what we Yanks call soccer.  They also have an equal amount of passion for Spider-Man just as we do here in the States. So what would happen if someone who was both a soccer and a Spider-Man fan decided to combine the two?

Well, one teenager decided to find out by doing a pitch invasion during the December 3, 2014 Manchester City v. Sunderland match dressed as Spidey.

As you can imagine, the result of this stunt went about as well as you’d expect:

A TEENAGER accused of interrupting a football game dressed as superhero Spider-Man has been banned from the Stadium of Light pending a police investigation.

Bradley Minto, pictured, also known as Bradley Dyer, was arrested after he ran on to the pitch wearing the comic book character all-in-one during Sunderland’s game against Manchester City on Wednesday night.

And what, you may ask, possessed Bradley Minto, aka Bradley Dyer, to engage in such a stunt?

Bradley, of Fordfield Road, decided to carry out the stunt after friends said they would donate money to St Benedict’s Hospice in memory of his late mum, Sharon Dyer.

Sharon was bought life-prolonging drugs as part of the Echo’s Buy Sharon Time campaign, after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She died in August 2009, aged just 40.

Bradley told the Echo: “I’ve had the costume for a while and I just thought it would be a laugh to run on. Some people said if I did they’d give me some money to go to St Benedict’s Hospice.

“My mam wasn’t treated there, even though she was due to go there before she died, but I think it’s the right kind of place to raise money for…”

“…I just hope I don’t get sent to prison over it,” he said. “It’s not as if I hurt anyone, and it was all over quickly.”

Minto is scheduled to appear before Sunderland Magistrate on December 28 to be formally charged with “entering an area designed for football matches.” Oh, and if you’re wondering who actually won the match, it was Manchester by 4-1.

Sources: BBC News and Sunderland Echo

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  1. wwww789

    Also, I really hope the guy doesn't get too harsh a punishment in court, it was for a good cause, and as he said, it's not like he hurt anyone.

  2. wwww789

    I think this may be the single best thing to come out of football ever! (though people who can actually stand it may disagree with me)

  3. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#1 Fisk -- LOL, well this Yank stands corrected and will edit accordingly, good sir. :)

  4. JRT!

    Always did hate football.And since I couldn't post a reply to Ryan in previous article,I'm sure as heck gonna post it here. Bloody annoying when this stupid machine starts acting up. Here's what I tried to post:But they have Disney XD and it's very kiddie. They wanted to go MORE kiddie? Gee! Glad that didn't work out,lol!J-R!

  5. Fisk

    It can only be an American webpage where it is not explicitly stated that it is Manchester CITY and not Manchester United.:)

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