Conway Returns to Spidey sent over this press release about Gerry Conway’s return to Spider-Man. 

Who Will Rule New York City’s Underworld? Find Out in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: SPIRAL!


This March, experience a Spider-Man story like you’ve never seen before as Peter Parker takes on the criminal underworld in Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral, a brand new 5-issue series beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1! Legendary Spidey writer Gerry Conway returns to the webhead along with blockbuster artist Carlo Barberi for an all-new tale of crime, corruption, and the dark corners of the Marvel Universe that will alter the landscape of the criminal underworld!

Spider-Verse may be over, but Peter Parker’s troubles are just beginning. A crime wave rips through New York City. The underworld is still in flux following the Kingpin’s removal from Shadowland. Gangs wage turf wars unchecked on the streets of Manhattan. The gang war is heating up and Spidey is going to do something about it!

Only he’s not alone! Police Captain Yuri Watanabe meters out her own justice both as a member of the NYPD and as the vigilante known as THE WRAITH! But do she and Spider-Man play by the same rules? How far is she willing to go to keep New York safe?

“Hammerhead; Tombstone; the Circus of Crime; Black Cat and Mr. Negative – they’re all at each other’s throats because there’s no single overlord of crime currently running things in New York,” says Gerry Conway in aninterview with “Things only escalated, especially after the Goblin King fell out of the scene and Doc Ock is no longer operating as the Superior Spider-Man – keeping a lid on everything.”

Only one criminal can rule the underworld. But that won’t stop them from waging war in order to claim the throne. Who will come out on top? And who will be left standing when it’s over? Find out when the epic Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral kicks off in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1 this March!





Cover by ART ADAMS

On Sale March 2015!

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  1. Stillanerd

    @#2 ryan3178 -- Well, as the solicits for March 2015 came out today, Conway's story is not replacing the main series. Rather, "Spiral" (which runs from Amazing Spider-Man #16.1 to #20.1) will come out at the same time Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man will, presumably from #16 to #20. And yes, I agree, this sounds like Marvel and the Spider-Offices are trying to wrap up the loose ends before they go into Secret Wars and whatever Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows involves. Assuming these things both happen with Amazing Spider-Man #20 and Amazing Spider-Man #20.1, that means "Renew Your Vows" will start in August of 2015, which, even though Secret Wars starts in May 2015, still places the teaser with "Summer 2015."

  2. hornacek

    @14 - Yeah, that was the multi-part story I was thinking of. I looked at the covers online and didn't see anything about it originally being a trilogy but then it expanded into 5 parts. Can anyone else back me up on this? Or am I mixing it up with the 5-part Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy?

  3. Daddypool

    I am excited about this story as well. BTW: I think Conway created Tombstone back in Spectacular Spiderman v1, correct? #7 - ASM also had a storyline called "Gang War" that ran through issues 284-288, which featured the original Hobgobin and the Rose

  4. MC3

    Anyone else notice that the two leading ladies in Spidey's life are in orbital books this year rather than the main one MJ in Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? Felicia in Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral Just thought I'd point that out. Peter going back to street-level gang-busting, while also adjusting Spider-Verse's events (as I hear there will be fallout from that that will shape his philosophies going forward in the story) sounds like a good mix of the current and past fall-out, and I'm hoping a classier writer can make Felicia's heel turn understandable and fun

  5. Frontier

    This mini-series sounds really interesting, and has the potential to be a really enjoyable Spidey story. Potentially more than what Slott has in store for Amazing proper after Spider-Verse... I also like how Gerry Conway is making good use of Yuri/Wraith, diving more into her dynamic as both a Vigilante and a member of the police force, and I'm definitely intrigued to see how he portrays her "spiral" into a more darker path. I'm also curious if this series might do some good for Black Cat's character after what's Slott's done. All in all, seeing Spidey in a street-level gangwar story featuring most of his classic mob villains, as well as Mr. Negative and Black Cat, will hopefully make for an awesome read under Conway's pen. Not to mention how awesome it is to see the Circus of Crime again!

  6. hornacek

    @8 - Fine, then after Slott's #16 issue, have Conway write issues #17-21, then have Slott return for #22. These .1 issues are just dumb and mess up the numbering, which as we've seen recently, Marvel doesn't seem to care about anymore.

  7. RDMacQ

    Seeing what Marvel is heavily promoting right after Spider-Verse, it unfortunately kind of undermines what I was expecting to happen in the series in the next arc.

  8. Magnetic Eye

    Yay! ASM is back on my pull list, at least for just the Gerry Conway point issues. Then it's back to borrowing my cousin's books to keep up with the current bordello.

  9. Raul

    @1- As people pointed out at cbr, Amazing spider-man 16.1 by Gerry Conway and Carlo Barbeli will more likely to sell more than Spider-man: spiral Gerry Conway and Carlo Barbeli. People who have amazing in their pull will probably have this story added. It worked for Learning to Crawl, as it sold very well.

  10. hornacek

    @6 - Was it in Web where they had the gang war story that was literally called "Gang War" and it was supposed to be a 3-parter but it ended up being 5 parts? Didn't they reference that one one of the covers? "Part 5 of the 3-part epic"

  11. Javi Trujillo

    So, I guess Peter won't be time displaced after all with Spider-Gwen and Silk picking up the slack?

  12. Evan

    It looks like part of the fallout from Spider-verse is that Spider-man has once again acquired the underarm webbing. At least, it looks like that's what that is.

  13. ryan3178

    Looks like Conway is going to be tying up everything from the Fall of the Kingpin and Black Cat's uncharacteristic wanting to be the Queen of the Underworld. Not to mention dealing with Wraith some more. I'm very interested but if these point issues are replacing the main issue right after Spider Verse. I rather is be just a 5 part storyline for Spider-Man. Otherwise its Marvel saying: "Look, we can't have an interruption in Dan Slott's masterful storytelling. So, we are doing point issues so it doesn't distract from the fall out of Spider-Verse especially since we have Secret War happening right afterwards."

  14. hornacek

    When I first saw the title I thought Spidey would be fighting the six-armed X-Men villainess. "experience a Spider-Man story like you’ve never seen before as Peter Parker takes on the criminal underworld" Didn't about half of the Lee/Ditko and the Lee/Romita issues deal with Spidey taking on criminal gangs? "beginning in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16.1!" Oh no, not this .1-.5 numbering again! Just make it a limited series or force Slott to take a vacation and let Conway write issues ASM #17-21. I'm looking at the cover, it looks like they got most of the criminal gang leaders here and ... OHMYGOD IT'S PRINCESS PYTHON!!!

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