Weird Marvel Collectibles # 105

Spiderman_Combo_PackWould this make your car cooler? Ladies, would you be impressed with a guy that had these in his car?

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(6) Comments

  1. hornacek

    #3 - Maple Leafs? Then you would need an extra-large vanity plate in order for it to say "WE FORGOT WHAT THE CUP LOOKS LIKE" :>

  2. herbiepopnecker

    Sure, my van is red, but I'd rather have Maple Leafs seat covers :) Although I do have the vanity plates, CMC RDR.

  3. LaVa121

    I had them! My very large friend ripped them, but I had them! Now I just have the steering wheel cover though. Still fun to have a little spiderman accessory in the car!

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