All-New X-Men #34 Review

ANXMEN2012034-DC11-01d99“I think–I think I’m going to hug you.”

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Mahmud Asrar

Colorists: Marte Gracia with Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Mahmud Asrar & Marte Gracia

Assistant Editor: Xander Jarowey

Editor: Mike Marts

Story: Jean meets Jean, Bobby meets racists, Hank confesses his love to Doom, Angel and X-23 continue to chat with Son of Wolverine, and Spidey sits in the kitchen! ANXMEN2012034-DC21-6ff0e

Thoughts: No major developments this issue, but it was a fun read nonetheless.  We pick up immediately where last ish left off and Ultimate Rogue immediately thinks All-New Jean is a shape-shifter.  Ultimate Bobby finds All-New Jean to be slightly hotter and admits this to the group, probably not the best of ideas, but it broke up the tension amongst them. I wish we had some interplay been between him and Miles, since they did attend Peter’s memorial in Ultimate Spider-Man #200. I also would’ve liked to have seen him sport the bandana that was synonymous to me of Ultimate Ice Man, but that’s not a make or break thing at all, it just would’ve been a nice touch and a way to further differentiate him from All-New Bobby. image

Asrar once again treats us to a two page spread of Jean mind reading, but this time it is Jean and Jean, not Jean reading Miles. The red highlights are still there and it’s a great crash course into their histories. I think the Ultimate Jean has had a far more traumatic time than the All-New version. Their dual shock is well played by the whole creative team. Their fainting recalled Doc Brown in Back To The Future for me. Heavy.

Asrar really shines as All-New Bobby fights the Mole Man’s Monster in “Hotlanta”. I still get a feeling of Stuart Immonen when I look at his work and some of his faces don’t quite sit right with me, but there are some great, dynamic panels in this issue. There’s a real sense of energy and I love how he depicts the monster. It just feels massive. Bobby’s escape from the police was also an artistic highlight. The angle of the car, complete with the window popping out from the snow, was a great bit of punctuation as he fled. image

I was surprised that All-New Bobby was surprised by the racism of the officers. I guess it’s because he is from earlier in the timeline, but even still, I would’ve thought it would sadly be commonplace to him by now. image

Other then conveying despair, I’m not sure the point of the Warren and X-23 scene. Yeah, it formally let Wolverine’s son and clone register their relationship, but didn’t give any more beyond that. It was the briefest of scenes and didn’t stand out as much as some of the others. image

All-New Hank having dinner was a highlight, equally funny and dramatic. How many times has James Bond sat down at a table with his nemesis? Have they ever once doctored his food and drink with truth serum? Hank recognizes he is under the effect of something, but can’t tell. As Doom presses to get more information out of him, Hank lets the big, tragic secret out-he loves Jean and she knows without seemingly caring. His heartbreak is palpable, leaving Ultimate Doom in a very awkward position. Hank resolutely tells Doom he will be defiant, but Doom is convinced he will be an aid in his work, whatever it may be. Maybe helping to cross space and time? Could Doom be instrumental in returning the All-New X-men or maybe bringing about the Secret Wars?

On the set of Bryan Singer’s latest X-Men Opus, Jean and Jean have a brief heart to heart, both thinking the other is doing a better job of being Jean and hug. This is great for All-New Jean, as she’s been feeling inferior at her job since I’ve started reading this title. Bendis does his usual fine job of having counterparts meet. Makes me wonder when Spider-Men 2 comes out. Also worth mentioning, Ultimate informs All-New that Miles has a crush on her, which All-New already knew because psychic. Anyways, they use Cerebro and find…something.image

What of our wonderful web-spinner? Oh, he’s gonna sit this one out.

This was a pretty enjoyable issue. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Miles as he’s the reason I’m picking up this book, but I still had a good time reading it, and isn’t that what we want when we pick up a book? image

My Grade: B+

Javi’s Huh?: So, does Son of Wolverine not having Wolverine’s sniffing powers? If he does, why was he seemingly stunned by X-23’s revelation of her being a clone? Couldn’t he smell “family” on her? Does that make her his “clone aunt”? image