Podcast #349 Spider-Satellites, 13 Reviews

podcast349picThe Spider-Gang tackles 13 different Spider-Satellite reviews. Join Brad, George, Ashley and Zach as they plow through the following issues:
X-Men 33
Scarlet Spiders#1
Spiderverse #1
Spiderverse team up#1
Fantastic Four#12
Hobgoblin #2
Axis #5
Spider Woman #1
Carnage #1 and #2
Superior Foes #17

New Warriors #12
Spider-Man 2099 #6
This is a long two hour podcast, but we cover a lot of material.


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  1. Will

    Just finally got around to listening to this. A little correction here: Ultimate Jessica Drew changed her codename to Black Widow when she changed to the black costume. She is no longer Ultimate Spider-Woman.

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