Spider-Man & the X-Men review and 2014 in Review

Read’s Reads returns with my review on the new Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 and what I considered the best, the worst and in-between Spider-Man stories of 2014. Happy New Year.

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  1. Sano

    Worst in 2014 - Killing off Peter Parker in MC2 Spider-Girl's Universe. Best in 2014 - Spider-Man 2099. Not Bad in 2014 - Seeing that image of Spider-Man married to Mary Jane with their daughter. Yes I know they are screwing with us but I can't help but remain hopeful like a sucker.

  2. Ryan3178

    Thanks, there were more things I liked and disliked and why I did just a quick shout out to Axis Carnage. Otherwise it would have been an hour. I know people can only stand me talking for so long. Be back in a couple weeks to review Spider-verse and related Spider-Man titles.

  3. Brad Dee

    I agree with what was said here, but there was more that could have been said in terms of "best/worst" of 2014. I would include Carnage on the "OK" list since it was better then people expected. "Spider-verse" and the "road to Spider-verse" was also on the best list. But, we gotta include the killing of Spider-man and his Amazing Friends on the worst list cause it was done just to piss people off. Slott's reaction to how angry people got about this also should be placed on the "worst" list. Anyone agree with disagree?

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