More Lost Web of Fortune Pages Found


While surfing I found two more pages of the Spider-Man Web of Fortune graphic novel that was never released. For those not in the know, it was written by Peter David and had pencils by Ron Frenz with John Romita senior inking. It’s a who’s-who of Spider-Legends. It was allegedly a “choose your own adventure” book. It’s a shame it was never released. Here’s more on this lost project. 

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  1. Jeff Gutman

    That panel is funny where Spidey has died and is surrounded by all of the "dead" people sitting on clouds. I see Bucky, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin (presumably Ned Leeds). All these characters were considered dead at the time and are all alive now. Can anyone identify the others?

  2. Evan

    It looks like Spider-man is breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool-style. I would feel so ashamed if Spidey called me a Bozo.

  3. Crime Master

    This story actually looks like a lot of fun! Both of these pages are great Spidey stuff.

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