Spider-Girls # 104

tumblr_nhk1cmSlhb1re3zl2o1_500Maybe there’s some truth to what Slott is saying in this post. Because I was able to find Silk cosplay. 

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  1. Donovan Grant

    You guys don't honestly believe that nobody in the world likes the Silk character do you? Out of over 300 million people in this country, everyone will be someone's new favorite.

  2. Professor Owl

    I don't think being able to find a single cosplay example constitues a character being popular. If so, virtually every powered character Marvel's ever created qualifies.

  3. Chase the Blues Away

    Wow, who knew toilet paper could be so versatile?This is literally (used properly) the only Silk cosplayer out there. Compare that to the almost daily deluge of Spider-Gwens, Film Gwens, Black Cats and Mary Janes on Tumblr/elsewhere.

  4. hornacek

    The sad thing is that her costume has changed 2 (3?) times since this one, so this cosplayer is already out of date.

  5. PartyHardy

    A lot of times people will cosplay for love of a costume, not the character. There's hope yet.

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