Spider-Girls # 106

We’re on day three of the Silk spotlight. 9268_1514446188785070_2325203849712098265_n_by_essiecosplay-d7r0fd4

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  1. PeterParkerFan

    Three Silk cosplay pics in a row? My Spider-Sense is telling there's some kind of trap.... NEVERMIND!

  2. Mike

    Heh, this is...ugh I hate Silk. But honestly, the third pic so soon... Maybe silk is a good thing. Maybe she'll bring in new readers. I guess that's always good. S'funny how much people know about the bat man-- but here in 2015 after 5 films, the general public know next to nothing about Spider-Man. That sorta sounded like I suspect these Silk lovers are just Brand Spankin New readers who picked up ASM 1 after seeing the movie. As if those are the only folks who could possible accept this character. Maybe that ain't fair. If people end up loving silk, even if we don't, would that be too bad?? Especially these young impressionable brand new readers who might go back and read some great spidey stuff. And then grow old and cynical and start to hate everything new??

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