Where is this Erik Larsen Art From?

10806414_10204551119591291_259474474298672741_nLegendary Spider-Man artist Erik Larsen is needing your help. He recently posted on his Facebook page a beautiful image of Spidey and some friends. He has no idea where the image appeared or if ever saw print? Have you seen thise piece before? Do you know where it was printed? If so leave a comment below.  It’s an awesome piece and a shame that it isn’t more well known. Larsen suspects it is from the early 2000’s when he briefly returned to Amazing Spider-Man.  

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  1. Matthew

    Respectfully: Is it certain that the piece is from the 2000's? It looks to me like '90s pre-relaunch. I am "seconding" Rocky Ponti's comment. My thoughts were only generically '90s, but the remarks about the Return of the Sinister Six era struck me as spot on ("I wish I'd come up with that"). I am asking because 4 details make me think of the '90s books before the Mackie relaunch: 1) Spidey is "muscular as a lifeguard" which seemed to me to be his look fairly consistently throughout the '90s, as opposed to his slimmer look in the early 2000s after the Ultimate books started (I realize this is the weakest point, because that could still put it in the year 2000); 2) Doc Ock has his classic look and haircut, as opposed to the weird new haircut he sported when he had Spidey prisoner in a room with the villainous Spider-Woman early after the Mackie relaunch (and to go with Rock Ponti's point, the look is straight out of the Sinister Six storylines); 3) Electro has his classic mask, as opposed to the blue and white Mackie era one; 4) From what we can see of him, Venom has his massive '90s look, with the freakishly excessive muscles and huge head that make him look like a Hulk villain, as opposed to the thinner form he had after reabsorbing the Carnage symbiote

  2. ac

    I vaguely remember it as maybe a poster or an advertisement/promotional thing? I feel like I remember it being displayed at the comic store I went to for a while, but it would have to be twenty years ago, I could be wrong.

  3. Rocky Ponti

    It looks like something from Amazing around issues 335 when they did a return of the Sinister Six. This particular one doesn't look like it was used though. It is also close to the Spiderman series with the return of the sinister six That would be around issues 18-22. But again, it doesn't look like it was ever used. It is great looking though. Hope this helps.

  4. Cheesedique

    Could this be another piece of promotional art for that 1-900 number call in game they were doing with Spidey in the 90's? There was no Spidey story that featured Kingpin, Ock, Electro, Nova and Felicia.

  5. herbiepopnecker

    Hmmm...not real sure. If he'll send the actual piece my way, I can study it more closely. :D

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