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spider_verse_team_up__3_by_pryce14-d83l6vtLegendary Spider-Man writer Tom Defalco is asking for your help. Mayday Parker will appear in Spider-Verse Team Up # 3. Tom will be writing the story and another Spider-legend Ron Frenz will be penciling it. As if two Spider-legends aren’t enough, Sal Busema will be inking it. DeFalco recently posted on the Spider-Girl message board that buying extra copies of that book is a great sign to Marvel that our girl still has selling power.

Attention all SPIDER-GIRL fans, please mark January 21 on your calendars. SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #3 goes on sale and features an all-new SPIDER-GIRL story by Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema and me.

We want this book to sell out and go back to press so please spread the word. Let’s show MARVEL that our girl still has an audience

I know some of you aren’t very happy with certain recent developments, but—TRUST ME—this story may ease your fears and bring a smile to your face! ( And, perhaps, a tear to your eyes.)

Thanks for being there!
Tom D.


Ron,Tom&Sal in BaltimoreThe book comes out on January 21st. So head down to your local comic shop and ask for a copy, or three. Who’s up for more Mayday? Ron recently posted this picture of the three legends. 


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  1. Ben

    @30 - Anya Corazon is Spider-Girl in Spider-Verse, apparently Mayday’s name in the press release was an error.

  2. Joss

    I just read Mayday will be part of a Spider Verse team up book in May. Of course i' m kinda disappointed cuz I've been waiting for 5 years for her return by De Falco Frenz and the immortal Buscema. In case ure interesred i ordered a family portrait of the MC2 Parker family by Frenz that u can still see on his Catskills website. I truly hope Pete and MJ arent dead and that she'll save Benjy without killing Deamos. (France)

  3. Sano

    If I had money to buy more than one issue I would but as it stands, no I don't. I love Spider-Girl, but not enough to skip on a few meals. Put me down for one though.

  4. Adam S.

    With all this talk about fan mail and fan reaction getting characters books (Spider-Gwen, Silk), why don't we take matters into our own hands and tell Marvel directly exactly what we want? Email them at and tell them that you want Mayday to get a new series, it can't hurt to try. What's the worst that could happen?

  5. Nick MB

    @24 To be fair, Spider-Gwen sold out several print-runs and Silk was guest-star in a top-ten book. As far as demand goes, there's probably enough to at least take a shot at an ongoing. If it fails then it fails. May as well give these things a go. Spider-Girl had 130ish issues already and spent most of it barely staying afloat, so although I know she has a fanbase, clearly the demand isn't that big.

  6. herbiepopnecker

    Waitaminnit here!! Where does the demand for Spider-Gwen come from? Or for Silk? I mean....REALLY come from?! Especially the latter, since I'm reading more "meh" that "must have". Because there is and always has been, a demand for Mayday Parker Spider-Girl.

  7. Sentaiwarrior

    I've asked my local comic book shop to reserve a copy of Spider-Verse Team Up 3. Are there any specific places (electronic or hand) I should write to to show my support for a Spider-Girl ongoing? This will be my first Marvel purchase since Spider-Girl: The End all those years ago.

  8. Bill

    I haven't bought a new Spider-Man book since sometime before that "Spider Island" thing (I think 650 was my last issue). But I may have to cave and pick this up. Ron Frenz is my all-time favorite Spider-Man artist, and the Defalco / Frenz years is my absolute favorite era of the old web-slinger. And my pal Sal is a favorite of mine as well (and he's a genuine comics legend).

  9. James Deen

    I hope MAYDAY does well, I hope she pummels that bitch Gwen Stacy right into the ground, Lord knows she deserves it my God are people too horny over that character when she didn't do jack shit in the comics, all she did was bitch at Peter whenever he use to go out as Spider-Man. I'm so sorry for you MAYDAY, people are too ape shit over Gwen Stacy these days when she isn't your mother, Mary Jane is hopefully she and Peter are brought back from the dad and you could all live happily together afterwards, shame BND Peter and Mary Jane can't be like that.

  10. Spider-Matt

    We're all going to buy it and instead of a Spider-Girl ongoing they'll give us like a Spider-UK ongoing or Spider-Man India ongoing (as they seem to be featured in the first story of the issue)

  11. Tomek97

    I'll definitely be picking up a couple of copies... ... or maybe three ... ... or four ... ... or five ... Whatever it takes to get Mayday back !!! :)

  12. Yvonmukluk

    #15 Except you don't have to buy any of the other Spider-Verse books whatsoever. The tie-ins aren't by Slott. It's not like it magically increases the sales of the books Slott has actually written. We won't GET a new Spider-Girl book unless the book that's premised on her appearance and written by Tom & Ron sells well. It's not supporting Slott's interpretation at all, and DeFalco's comments suggest that he's going to try and undo Slott's damage. He's basically come out and said that buying this is to show Mayday can still get an audience in her own right. Buying it's not an endorsement of Slott-it's an endorsement of Spider-Girl.

  13. Enigma_2099

    I love those guys, but I'm not buying ANY of Spider-verse. Put them on a new Spider-girl book so I can support them... without contributing to another sale of a Dan Slott penned Spider-book.

  14. Adam S.

    Reminder: This will be available digitally on Comixology and Marvel's website, so you can still support it that way.

  15. tickbite

    Even if this might be interpreted as trolling, I'm using this thread to send a message here: Marvel, BRING BACK MAYDAY! Who's with me? ;-)

  16. MC3

    #10- Tom says his story will help "put fears to rest", I think he's going to set up something that will revive MC2 Peter, and MJ and Wes were only implied to die.

  17. Enigma_2099

    First you "kill off" her parents and boyfriend, then you use Frenz, DeFalco and Buscema to sell copies of Spider-verse.. That's low, Jack.

  18. Evan

    The good news is that this means that she will survive Spider-verse, even if her parents did not. Then again, if everyone is magically resurrected at the end of the event anyway as Stillanerd suggested in his #12 review, I guess it will not make any difference.

  19. ryan3178

    I'm getting this issue and I'm spreading word on Mayday. If anyone should have a book again that we know will be great, its Spider-Girl. The REAL Spider-Girl.

  20. PeterParkerFan

    Well, I've already pre-ordered a copy of SPIDER-VERSE TEAM UP #3. It's been a long time since a I read a Spider-Girl story written by Tom D.

  21. herbiepopnecker

    I want me some Mayday and Ben! Question: are there alternate covers? If so, the issue should sell out any only way. Statement: BUT if people comment that they want this...!!

  22. MC3

    #3, I strongly disagree with that. Spider-Girl was far more consistent on it's worse day than the regular Spidey books have been in almost the entire time Mayday has been regulary published

  23. Schmed

    As much as I loved/love the high points of Spider-Girl, it was down far more than it was up. That being said, I'll buy anything for a month or two that has Ron Frenz penciling it.

  24. tickbite

    Where I live, I have to preorder to get this issue. Too late for that now, but just in case Marvel is reading this website: I'd buy dozens of copies if that helps bring May back to the MU. Come on, Marvel! There IS an audience.

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