Spider-Girls # 107

10881885_566358666842475_277900867_nDay four of Silk Cosplay

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  1. Mike

    It must be hell trying to find these tho. Ms. jupiter will ALWAYS be a more popular and well known character than Silk, no matter what happens. I bet if she didnt exist you could find much more pics of her.I wonder if people here know who she is...hard to imagine reading Alan Moore and thinkin "well time to read spidey 2099 now!".

  2. Frontier

    Are we going to get some cosplayer's in her new/official costume? Not that I don't get why they're cosplaying the webbed-up version, but still...

  3. Professor Owl

    I don't quite understand the point of these posts. Professional (or just pro quality) cosplayers are not representative of normal fans. Most of them being female, and there being so few top female characters means they tend to do shots of all new female characters. Shoot, normal cosplayers are not representative of most people who pick up the issues.

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