Spider-Captions # 293

10881755_858141110873212_278950005_nAndrew Garfield and his girlfriend Emma Stone were having dinner when they noticed someone was trying to take a picture of them. Alejandra Garibay flipped her phone as to not be obvious, and snapped a great reaction from the couple. What caption would you put on this picture? The Today Show had a write up of the picture. 

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  1. Mike

    Garfield: "Jennix!? I'm not part of Spider Verse tho! Contractually obligated to--*huchk*!!" Panel 2 Garfield dead at hands on voyuer jennix, stone still wide mouthed.

  2. Mike

    Girls like the hippy look. Lets em know we're smart (capable), left-leaning (good in bed), and confident (comfortable in our man skins). Try a little facial hair! Try a little pont tail! Worked for Jesus. You gunna call jesus a dirty hippie?

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