Spider-Girls # 108

10731541_331427317030032_1439362025_nDay five of Silk cosplay. I think some of these shots are of the same person.

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  1. Starnercosplay

    Hi! That's me starnercosplay, aka Jenny Faulkner. Thanks for the post. You can see more of my silk photos on my Instagram/ Facebook Instagram: starnercosplay__ Facebook; Jennifer Faulkner Thanks again!

  2. PartyHardy

    @4 Also, keep in mind that we're bashing on a fictional character. In defending her, you've been resorting to bashing on actual people. That hardly seems appropriate. You also seem to be under the assumption that everyone hating on her is male, to which I respond, You haven't been paying attention xD

  3. PartyHardy

    @4 Who said they were being paid to do that? No one here is saying anything against the cosplayer, just the character. I'm a cosplayer myself, so I always make sure to treat other cosplayers with respect. You seem like you're trying awfully hard to be offended.

  4. AmFan15

    If you look hard enough on the internet, I'm sure you can find a cosplayer for every fictional character who has ever existed. (Actually, that's probably a bad idea...forget I said it.)Regardless, just because this one person must have heard of Silk, it does not mean that we all have to start fawning over her now. In fact, the fact that Brad had to search that hard just to find these few pictures says a lot about Silk's "popularity".

  5. Mike

    The character is 6 months old and hated by everyone here.Even so, there are three different women dressed up as Silk. So suck it. SOME people like her. Not ALL women do things cos they're paid, puny parker.

  6. BD - Post author

    Yeah I had to search a bit. I was only able to find a few pictures. I have one more after this one and then I'm tapped.

  7. Evan

    Was it very difficult to find these, BD? I did a cursory Google search the other day as an informal and admittedly imprecise measure of fan popularity and found only one, which happened to be you Day 1 post. It appears that people are more prone to cosplay as Silk Spectre than Cindy Moon.

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