The Marvel Universe is ending.

images2-600x327Bleeding Cool and other outlets are reporting, but starting with Marvel 2015 Secret Wars, The Marvel Universe, as you and I know it… is over. The Ultimate and Marvel Universes will collide into one universe.There is an interactive Map at that shows the battleworld, in it’s various forms. We’ll see what happens now. But it looks like if there is a teaser, there is a book. Much more is coming between now and May, but it all begins in issue one of Secret Wars. Are YOU picking it up? Talk to us in the comments section!
EDIT: Just to Clarify… this is a line wide reboot. The two universes will not longer exist, as BattleWorld replaces everything. More on this as it comes.

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  1. Jason

    So what exactly is going to happen once Secret Wars starts? Will all other books cease publication during this arc or will there be tie-ins like Civil War, Secret Invasion, etc.?Once Secret Wars is over, the Marvel Universe will be rebooted in some fashion and I'm guessing books will turn back to #1 again? My question is, what happens to those titles which have just started (or will start) such as Spider-Man and the X-Men, Silk, or Spider-Gwen? It just seems pointless to start a new title just to have it end in a few months.

  2. hornacek

    I for one use Wikipedia whenever I need information on a comic-book character, especially one I know little to nothing about. I can't be alone in this.

  3. TR

    @81 You can't just say "Use Wikipedia" isn't work that way, nobody feels like doing all that work. I for one hope Marvel reboots

  4. Magnetic Eye

    @83 - "It started being used in UK Captain Britain comics and Chris Claremont started using it in the U.S. Alan Moore is usually credited with coming up with it but there’s some debate over that."Cool, Thanks!

  5. George Berryman

    @82 - "How did the original Marvel Universe get coined with 616 anyway?"It started being used in UK Captain Britain comics and Chris Claremont started using it in the U.S. Alan Moore is usually credited with coming up with it but there's some debate over that.

  6. Magnetic Eye

    @ #80 Jason says: I’d like 616 done away with and just go with Earth. I don’t get the random universe numbers and why Marvel chose that number instead of one.I second the notion. :-) How did the original Marvel Universe get coined with 616 anyway?

  7. Jack

    Almost no one worries about ancient continuity. Certainly not new readers. Wikipedia works fine for the curious-minded. This is another example of Marvel's echo-chamber problem -- 20 already-liked-minded guys sitting in a closed room for a week, convincing each other of things that don't bear the scrutiny of real life.

  8. Jason

    I'd like 616 done away with and just go with Earth. I don't get the random universe numbers and why Marvel chose that number instead of one.

  9. Magnetic Eye

    @ #65 Drewmeister says: Okay so quick question: is Battleworld going to become the new permanent residence for all Marvel characters? The interactive map seems like it’s a completely different layout from our Earth. Will they no longer inhabit New York City?@ #66 Al says: @#65-Well…it’s permanent for the time being. And yes the geography of Battleworld is not going to be like the world we live onFrom what I've read elsewhere, it seems to me that this patchwork Battleworld will eventually merge and become an All-New Marvel universe. Apparently the idea of rebooting the Marvel Universe allows for the stripping away of decades of stories and complications that has supposedly become a barrier in attracting a new readership. I see that argument as fallacious. When I first started reading Marvel comics as a ten year old; having years worth of back catalog to catch up on was just as exciting as waiting for the new monthly issues to come out. It was never a hindrance. All I cared about were good stories and great artwork.These days people can catch up and read any story by sourcing it from Marvel's website. I do hope that the All-New Marvel universe after Secret Wars molds itself on the original 616 model as a (window into our world). When you think about it, the (window in our world) was one of the main factors that set Marvel Comics apart from it's main competitor.

  10. hornacek

    @74 - Yes, I knew that. I was trying to be sarcastic because Spider-Verse feels like it's been going on for so long I had forgotten everything about Peter's personal life. In fact, does he even have one?

  11. Jason

    After reading the OMD interview with Joe Quesada, I'm less than optimistic Peter and MJ will emerge from the Secret Wars married again. I get Quesada's thoughts about the marriage, but on the other hand, how many times do people want to read the same old story about Peter being single - he gets into a relationship, is always running off during dates, arriving late or not at all has to come up with excuses for his absences. It's basically what he's doing now running his own company.

  12. herbiepopnecker

    My want list:616 Peter Parker/616 Spider-Man 616 MJ, AKA Mrs. ParkerOtherwise marvel - go 'way.

  13. jose

    So peter is the real spider-man and miles becomes spider-boy or spider-teen because you can't have 2 spider-mans

  14. Enigma_2099

    ... this has absolutely NOTHING to do with DC Comics' "Convergence" event... right? ...RIGHT?!?!?! to hell with it all!!! And you know what, even if this undoes One More Day, not only will I feel let down, seeing as I wanted there to be a confrontation and resolution to that whole cluster****, I still won't buy it. Because it's still being written by someone who I have no faith in writing an actual Spider-Man book I can enjoy.

  15. QuilSniv

    @67: That'd probably be the best thing to happen. Given that Quesada still has a public hatred towards Peter/MJ, and probably the fancies that comes with that pairing, getting them married and putting a different Spider-Man, preferably Miles, in the fold would be the best course of action to let him have what the fans want him to have, along with Quesada getting what he wants by throwing the character into the canon oblivion, so that nobody else can pull any more of the character's strengths away.Heck, I wouldn't even mind if (and I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this) a rebooted Carlie Cooper. Let's think about it; this is a completely new character reboot (she never did have much of one to begin with), who could be a liaison between the new Spider-Man and the police department. Even though this would probably get lots of naysayers, this would be a character who isn't a love interest (and if she DOES become one, have it gradually grow, not just spontaneous 'oh, I love you Spidey) and could help ease tensions between the new Spidey and the NYPD (sort of like Commissioner Gordon, only a younger female version); Could work, but Quesada's still there to say "Carlie for president!"Either way, here's hoping that they don't screw Spidey up further.

  16. Erik

    63: I disagree completely, at this point if marvel would just give peter the marriage back and sideline him for miles I'd be relieved, because then I can just know that he's happy somewhere safe where no writer can crap on him any further.

  17. Al's permanent for the time being. And yes the georgraphy of Battleword is not going to be like the world we live on

  18. Drewmeister

    Okay so quick question: is Battleworld going to become the new permanent residence for all Marvel characters? The interactive map seems like it's a completely different layout from our Earth. Will they no longer inhabit New York City?

  19. Al

    @#62-Man even teenaged Spider-Man was better written, more together and more bad ass than Slott’s Spider-Man. Slott’s Spider-Man only got to beat Doc Ock cos Doc Ock LET him win. 15-16 year old Peter Parker circa ASM #3 kicked Otto’s ass.@#63-I am at the point where, much like with Mary Jane under Slott, I am honestly like “You know what if all your going to do is fuck up Peter, I’d rather you just not use him at all and screw up someone else”

  20. Frontier

    If they bring in Miles into 616, which Marvel is obviously going to use this (616 and Ultimate colliding) to do, I hope they don't make him the main Spider-Man. And while I'd love, LOVE, for the marriage to come back, I would hate it if Marvel uses it as an excuse to sideline Peter and make Miles the main Spider-Man. I love Miles, and I love reading his book, but I don't want to see him as the one and only Spider-Man. Heck, the same would apply if they think they can bring in Spider-Woman Gwen into 616, riding on her popularity and putting her into the main continuity while at the same time finally reviving Gwen Stacy while not actually doing it. Both would lose part of the appeal of the characters because they're AU Spider-heroes with world's different from 616 and no Peter Parker to share the spotlight with.

  21. Ben

    @58 - I would imagine that's probably going to be what the Renew Your Vows storyline will be like. Unfortunately it could very well end up being nothing more than a what if? that's erased from continuity almost straight after it's published due to the reboot.@59 - So it would be exactly like Slott's run except Peter would be a actual teenager (as apposed to just being written like one)? Yeah I wouldn't pay money for that.

  22. Erik

    I haven't seen it, but from what I've heard, yeah. Overall I really think that's the direction Marvel wants to take the character.

  23. Erik

    A rebooted spider-man would be a teenager who gets involved in zany antics and makes hip pop culture references all the time. No thanks.

  24. Al

    @#52-I don’t think marvel WANT to resurrect Gwen when they have Spider-Gwen. I think too many of them have grown up on her being dead.@#54-I’m wondering if he’s like the Back in Black Spider-Man somehow and he’s going to wind up GETTING married to Mary Jane by NOT accepting Mephisto’s deal.@#55-Yep. At the same time if they do a married Spider-Man book I think buying it to show support of the concept would be a good idea.I’m wondering now if they full on reboot Spider-Man if I’d actually read it again since they’d be fucking up people who aren’t even resembling the main characters anymore.

  25. Jason

    I'm not going in with any expectations. I'm just hoping the end result isn't something I'm going to be so disappointed in that I decide to stop reading Spider-man.

  26. Erik

    There is no guarantee that everybody is going to be around permanently just because they are in this "battleworld" for the time being.And there is also no reason to believe that Pete and MJ are legitimately getting married again. I really just feel bad for anyone who's actually buying into that teaser because you are going to be sorely let down.

  27. Ben

    “If you’re an ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ reader, this is going to be your book,” Alonso said, pointing to the teaser of a married Peter Parker and Mary Jane with a child." - So now I'm thinking that the black suited Spider-Man that appeared in the last story of Spider-Verse issue 2 is somehow linked to this reboot.@49 - If Miles was the only Spider-Man in the new Marvel U it would be terrible. The changes that would need to made to fit Miles into 616 Peter's 50+ years of continuity would totally wreck the character. Peter needs to be Spider-Man in the mainstream Marvel U.

  28. dornwolf

    @52, while yes they are making Gwen Stacy Spider-book it'd be stupid to put her in the same world as Spider-man. It'd literally kill the niche, interesting aspect of the character. People want to explore that world that's why it's popular. Stick her in a New York with six other Spiders and that niche closes up and goes away.

  29. Drewmeister

    @Jason Marvel will resurrect Gwen Stacy.How do I know this? Because they are going to be making 'Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman' comics. This has already been confirmed. Since the universes (universi?) are merging, this means she will be a regular fixture in the same universe as Spider-Man.Of course, if the teasers are to be believed this will also end with Peter once again married to Mary Jane. So the odds of Gwen and Peter hooking up again are slim...

  30. Jason

    Hmmm, nice. My last post isn't listed. *sigh*I respect Miles in his own Universe, not really having read any of his stories.The solution is numbering every book #1.So as someone who doesn't read Avengers/New Avengers...what do I need to know leading into Secret Wars?

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