Podcast # 355-Shocking Friday Night Fight

podcast355picIn our first Friday Night Fight of 2015 we head back to a classic 1967 battle. Spider-Man takes on a new villain named the Shocker. We look at Amazing Spider-Man #46. Spidey fights this new villain with literally one hand. Does he come out on top? 


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  1. Ryan3178

    I own this issue and I've always loved it. My first exposure to the Shocker was during Amazing Friends during the origin of Spider-Man. I always loved how the character's powers worked and how he was this type of wannabe mobster. I loved his use in the old 90s series and of course during Spectacular Spider-Man series. He received a major power upgrade in the 90s under Mackie and Romita Jr. where Socker moved his units through out his suit. Causing a type of shock field to come up when you were within 2 feet of him. He had to ditch it later because it was causing him health problems but I loved the feature. Like a "shocker sense".

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