Podcast #356-Spider-History January 1996

podcast356JR takes us back to January 1996 to review a record number of titles that came out this month 19 years ago. JR reviews 
* Sensational Spider-Man # 0
*Amazing Spider-Man # 407
*Spider-Man # 64
*Spectacular Spider-Man # 230
*Spider-Man Unlimited #11
*Web of Scarlet Spider # 3
*Spider-Man: Final Adventure #2
*Untold Tales of Spider-Man # 5
*Amazing Fantasy # 17

The episode begins with a bit of a follow up to a news topic we discussed earlier this month. Eddie DeAngelini is our guest and he discusses selling his Amazing Spider-Man collection to buy a portion of Hi De Ho Comics. JR took him to task a bit in episode # 354 and Eddie has a rebuttal. The Spider-History section begins at the 24:00 minute mark. 


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(6) Comments

  1. The Looter

    Ben has big pics and a small waist in this picture; I thought he was Spider-Girl for a second.

  2. Cheesedique

    Nice, funny podcast dudes--I remember liking the Dan Jurgens run on Sensational at the time, though I despised the Clone Saga. Still waiting for someone to bring back Jessica Carradine from that run.

  3. hornacek

    Haha, "rebuttal". I assume it went something like this: "Homer, would you like to present your rebuttal?" "With pleasure." [turns around and moons the class]

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