Silk # 1 Preview

Will you be picking this up? Marvel sent me this e-mail with a preview. 

Cindy Moon Swings Solo in Your First Look at SILK #1!

This February, straight from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse comes a brand new ongoing series starring the newest heroine of the Marvel Universe. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at SILK #1, the new series writer Robbie Thompson (writer for TV’s Supernatural) and rising star artist Stacey Lee!

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe in the pages of Amazing Spideer-Man and she never looked back. Bit by thesame radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers on that fateful day, she’s spent her years locked away in a bunker, safe from the threat of Morlun and the Inheritors. Since then, she’s saved Peter Parker’s life (more than once), fought alongside Spider-Woman, braved the Spider-Verse and more!

“Cindy fascinates me,” says series writer Robbie Thompson, in an interview with “She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?”

Now, Cindy is back in New York City, patrolling it’s rooftops as SILK! And she’s going to make up for lost time. Searching for her past, defining her own future, and webbing wrong-doers along the way. Now is your chance to hop on board one of the slickest new launches of 2015 as SILK #1 swings in to comic shops this February!

SILK #1 (DEC140837)




Variant Covers by STACEY LEE (DEC140838)


FOC – 1/26/15, On Sale – 02/18/15


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About Marvel: Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world’s most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit © MARVEL 2014


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  1. Lapti Nek

    I hated this comic, mostly because of Stacey Lee's unpleasant, cartoony manga-style artwork, though the story seems to have decided that Moon is a plucky teenage girl instead of the adult woman she was in Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse. This whole comic felt like it was being marketed toward tween girls.

  2. Frontier

    Curse you Marvel! I had no intention of supporting this series, but then you had to give it art that I think looks pretty great...I'll still probably not pick it up, but I really do like the art. A shame that it's stuck with Silk though.

  3. hornacek

    Guys, you're missing the real reason Silk #1 is going to outsell Star Wars #1It's not because of Silk. It's because of one of the guest characters in that issue. He/she/they are so amazing the fans are already writing Marvel demanding that they have their own solo series. Even if all we see in issue #1 is their foot, that's enough for the readers to fall in love with that character.

  4. Al

    I want Spider-Gwen's sales to kick Silk's sales' ass.But seriously...if Silk #1 outsells STAR WARS #1 then...God....

  5. hornacek

    Just because it's a #1 issue doesn't mean it's going to sell. I mean, even SuperPro had a #1 issue:'s not really a decent argument, I just wanted to remind people that SuperPro happened)

  6. Nick MB

    The advance re-orders are retailers increasing their initial numbers at the last minute. I'm guessing they already ordered a load of Spider-Gwen due to her initial popularity and ordered more cautiously on Silk, but are now upping their orders due to... something or other. Maybe they've had direct interest in the book from fans, maybe they've just decided to give it a shot because Spider-Verse sold well.

  7. hornacek

    @22 - Maybe the retailers are expecting huge sales, but I'd be interested to hear how many of those copies are left on the shelves. Or what the drop-off is from issue #1 to issue #2

  8. herbiepopnecker

    To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, "nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of comic book buyers".

  9. George Berryman

    Advance Reorder? How many variants does this damn thing have?EDIT: Just saw the solicit above, mentioning variant 'covers' but just one artist. So one artist doing one variant or one artist doing different variants?

  10. Stillanerd

    And in a mind-bloggingly WTF bit of news, Bleeding Cool is reporting that advanced reorders of Silk #1 are beating both Spider-Gwen #1 and the 3rd printing of Star Wars #1.

  11. Mayday's Older, Over Protective Sister

    The art is cute. I want to like it.But it will be a very cold day in a very hot place when I give Marvel money for Silk. Especially not when Peter is apparently a supporting character in her book. The pheromone thing is just...creepy and full of ick.

  12. hornacek

    @17 - It sounds like Thompson is going to go more into the issues I mentioned than Slott ever did, and that's good. A good writer can take a character you don't care about and give them depth and make you really care about them (-cough- Fred -cough- Superior Foes -cough), but these are all issues that should have been addressed and talked about during Silk's first few issues in ASM. If Thompson really goes into what should be her psychological issues due to her upbringing, it will come out of nowhere because we've had multiple issues of ASM where she has been 100% mentally healthy and shown no signs of, well, PTSD. I guess he can write it as if she was pushing those issues down deep but now that she's trying to build a life they come to the surface, but other stuff can't be explained away. I mean, she should have no idea what the world is like or how to communicate with someone face-to-face. You can't hand-wave that away now saying "well, she was putting on a brave face during those ASM issues but now that she has her own book she really has to deal with those problems." That ship has sailed, Thompson's gotta work with what Slott has left him, which is a character that doesn't show any problems after being locked in a room by herself for over 10 years with no human interaction, and is better with her powers than Peter is with his even thought Peter has been fighting villains for 15 years and (at the time she left her prison) she hadn't fought a single person.

  13. Shaun Martineau

    Gonna go against the grain, I'm looking forward to this. I like the kinetic energy of the art style and I like how expressive the characters look. I'm not familiar with Robbie Thompson's work (I've seen a few episode of SN, but I have no idea if he penned them) so I'm going to go in hoping for the best out of this new writer. I imagine this book will 'go for the feels', since that's Supernatural's selling point, so we could be looking at something along the lines of the new Batgirl book being put out over at DC. I'd be quite happy with that.@hornacek, Man if this book tackled those issues, that would be awesome. Sucks that Thompson seems to be building off the horrible Silk we've seen under Slott's pen. He gives no mention of Hopeless' work with the character, who I could see tackling issues like that (If his two young Avengers series are any indication)

  14. Jack

    Is this a writer with a good reputation? we need to watch out forming judgments based on Silk's not-at-all-thought-out, ridiculously Mary-Sue-ish origin. A good writer can come along and rehabilitate a character who started badly.

  15. herbiepopnecker

    @ #9 Not unlike the Brendan Fraser movie, "BLast from the Past", it reads lke.Will I be picking this up? Not bloody likely.

  16. hornacek

    This is a very weird tangent for me to go off on, but there was a preview last week for a new tv series created by Tina Fey starring Ellie Kemper (Erin on The Office) as a character who has lived underground for years as part of a doomsday cult and emerges from the underground bunker and tries to establish herself in a world she is not familiar with. It's played for laughs, but Kemper's character shows real problems understanding the world and knowing how to interact with other people (even though she was in the bunker with 3 other women). Now Silk was completely alone, and should be having hallucinations and talking to imaginary friends ("Wilson!") from such a prolonged period of solitude and having no one to talk to - hell she should be unfamiliar with the sound of her own voice! But she is articulate and has no problem talking and interacting with anyone. She should be so much worse off than Kemper's character but she is not. In a world ("In a world ...") with super powers, this is just too unbelievable for me to believe.If you are a writer, you don't have to be an expert on everything (in this case, psychology), but it is your responsibility to talk to people that are experts (or just go on Wikipedia). Slott should have realized "Oh yeah, if I wrote Silk's origin like this, she should be a bumbling mess with deep issues unable to function in society, maybe I should write a different origin."(also, sorry for the double post earlier - I clicked Submit, then noticed a typo and corrected it and clicked Submit again)

  17. Ryan3178

    Well said on all points hornacek. Silk was thrown out as: "She has all the same powers as Spider-Man but better!" She can win a fight, create different type of webbings with colors and everything just by thinking it. Yet, she comes out wanting to get it on with Peter and just magically gets a job without even trying. I mean, come on! That's not character development that's just: "This is Cindy, deal with it." "We'll figure out the rest later." Already she is being turn into Peter Parker redux by being a young inexperience reporter who... GASP is working along side J. Jonah Jameson."Moon! Get me a story on this Silk!" "New hero or over sexed menace!" "I wanted this yesterday!""OMG, Mr. Jameson!"

  18. hornacek

    @3 - Slott is Silk's godfather. He created, now he's let her loose to be written by dozens of different writers over the next 50 years! Because we demanded it!

  19. hornacek

    @3 - Slott is Silk's godfather. He created, now he's let her loose to be written by dozen do different writers over the next 50 years! Because we demanded it!

  20. hornacek

    In that first image, the webs are coming out of her palms. Everyone knows that Silks webbing comes out of her finger tips. FAIL!"Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker ..." Is that what they're calling it? Spidey had to pretty-much drag her out."'She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?'" See, that's the kind of character development I would have appreciated. I didn't like the character anyway, but to introduce someone who has been locked up for 10 years, has had no interactions with another person in all that time (except talking to Ezekiel on the vidphone) she should be socially maladjusted and barely able to function in society. I would have liked seeing that kind of character being explored. Instead we got Horny Helen.Also, she has been locked up for 10 years with no interaction with anyone. She should not be able to win a fight with anyone. She has zero battle experience. Was there any mention of her training during her imprisonment? Even if she worked out, she had never battled anyone before. The first time she fought anyone that had any fighting experience she should have been easily defeated, I don't care how strong or agile she is."Now is your chance to hop on board one of the slickest new launches of 2015 ..." What does it say that when I first read this I thought it said "sickest"?

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