The Science of Organic Web Shooters

2002-Rami-Maguire-Spider-man-movie-Tobey-Maguire-short-hair-cut-slinging-websMark Lorch was bored in his hotel room one night and decided to watch the 2002 Spider-Man movie staring Tobey Maguire. Math and chemistry come easy to him.
Lorch is a Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry at the University of Hull. He started crunching the numbers of how much fluid Spider-Man would need to produce enough webbing for an average day of super-heroing.


howitworks He broke it down like this: 
*Spider-Man needs an extremely high protein diet to produce so much webbing.
*He’ll need to eat 60 eggs for breakfast to have enough protein to produce enough webbing to swing around town and last him much of the day.  
*If Spidey plans to help save Mary Jane from falling, he’ll need to eat a lot more.  
*In order to save a falling Mary Jane and support them on one web line Spidey will need to consume 900 eggs to have enough protein. 

So after more than 13 years of debate about which is better, I think we can all agree mechanical web shooters win the debate.  

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(5) Comments

  1. Bill

    Mechanical web-shooters are just way cooler than organic. It adds an extra layer to the Spider-Man mythos. it also gives another reason for Peter to be portrayed as a genius.

  2. xonathan

    Spiders don't spin webs from their hands. It could make more sense but I've always liked the idea of smart Peter augmenting his powers with his inventions.

  3. newtsalamander

    Organics make more sense creatively. If you have the powers of a spider than why not webs?

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