A Lot Of Spam

SpamalotQuick word on the site, folks! I noticed at one point this weekend WordPress’s spam filter was catching a ton of spam thrown our way. On Saturday night it was up to around 4,500+ posts filtered. Everything from breast enlargement, Nike shoes, web hosting and Louis Vuitton handbags.

Unfortunately it’s also grabbing some of your legitimate posts. I’m going through and trying to catch what I can but it’s a lot to wade through. I’ll keep monitoring it until it stops freaking out.

Just wanted to give you a quick heads-up!


–George Berryman!

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  1. BD

    Yeah we get several thousand spam a day. It has a 99% success rate according to my graph, but still some legit posts don't get through.

  2. Evan

    Oh, wow. In spite of the fix, my comment on the Silk preview thread still wouldn't post, so I tried placing my comment here to see if the fix only applied to future postings, and it still won't post, even on this thread. That's interesting -- I wonder what the filter is capturing...It was just a question about Spider-man's powers as it related to one of the images in the preview.

  3. Evan

    I just tried commenting on the Silk preview post as before, and it still won't work. Maybe the change is on all future posts? Oh, well. If you pardon me, I'll post my comment here and see if it's "spam-worthy. -- <i>This is a random question, but I'm sure many of you must know the answer. In one of the images in the preview above, Spider-man is holding a cell phone against his shoulder while he eats a sandwich. Isn't one of his powers the ability to control at will the adhesive properties of his skin so that he can attach objects to it? I know that this was one of the powers emphasized in The Other in 2005, but I had thought that it wasn't necessarily part of his newly augmented set. Wait. I guess Silk is so powerful that just talking to her on the phone nullifies some of his abilities. Yeah, that must be it.</i> Let's see if that worked. In the event that it does, sorry for getting off-topic. Thanks!

  4. Evan

    Thank you, George! I tried several times last week to comment on the Silk Preview post, but every single time the page would refresh as usual, but my comment would not be there. If I tried again, it would say it detected a duplicate. I eventually gave up. (I wondered for a moment if you had turned the spam filter to be Silk-sensitive.) Now, let's see if it works this time...

  5. George Berryman - Post author

    @1 - Well normally it's a Godsend. The odd spam sneaks past here and there and winds up on a front page post. Rare, but it happens. The headache comes in when it starts taking out legit posts. Argh! @2 - You're welcome! :)

  6. AmFan15

    Thanks for the info, GB...and all the work this must be taking to fix. On one hand, I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like it might be one heck of a headache for you guys. On the other, I'm glad to hear that it wasn't just me having trouble!

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