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 battleworldonemoredayWell… here’s a bit more info. “Battleworld” is the new status quo of Marvel 2015 Secret Wars. Each ‘country’ is a storyline or a part of the past brought back to life with the storyline. Needless to say, we have wondered about the ‘Renew Your Vows’ for some time now. But this confirms that the Spider-Man ‘One More Day’ storyline is a factor in this new major event. Not much else has been given, and when you click the ‘More’ tab on the battleworld site, you’ll get the “Many loves of Peter Parker” Marvel Page. 

As always, stay tuned. Tell us what you think in the comments. To go to the interactive map, click HERE for more.
BD Update:Marvel sent me this e-mail with more info.

SECRET WARS’ BATTLEWORLD EXPANDS! Focuses on the Worlds that are Forging the New Marvel Universe
New York, NY — February 3rd, 2015 — The Marvel Universe is no more. There is now only Battleworld and is the only place where you will be able to learn about the building blocks of the new Marvel Universe. 

Welcome to the Secret Wars Interactive Battleworld Map! Strange and Mysterious worlds from Marvel’s deep history continue to forge into the new landscape of the Marvel Universe – Battleworld – and Marvel’s Interactive map will guide fans through this strange new land.


Updated continuously until the start of Secret Wars, the interactive map features the most recent details of where these new dominions of Battleworld originated from.

Today’s update includes the following new dominions of Battleworld:



The Regency

New Quack City


Hala Field

The Wastelands


New Xander


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  1. QuilSniv

    @Stillanerd – “Miles Morales as Spider-Man mentored by Peter Parker” Wow, I really did not expect that. But that doesn't mean that that big of a twist is going to be good. And as George said, I don't think Carlie's going poof, and neither is Silk, but only because fans got pissed off because 1) Carlie was meant to be Quesada's magnum opus, but degraded into his "marvelous" disaster of a Mary Sue; and 2) The only character that Silk had for almost a half-dozen issues was that she and Peter want to pork every time they're in the same panel. Because you demanded it! Not to mention that a patchwork planet would be far too confusing for new readers to catch on, since most of these events are reboots of old ones; ones that, without a buttload of explanation, is going to leave newcomers stuck on the iceberg with no boat. Something tells me that this is all just a giant segue into a New 52 reboot. Which is not a sign that Marvel gives one about its fanbase and 50 years of history. Or maybe it just segues into a movie-similar universe to advertise the movies as they come out. Because as @Frontier said- "Got to love that movie synergy…I say extremely sarcastically." That right there sums up my theory for the future of Marvel.

  2. Ben

    @Stillanerd - "Miles Morales as Spider-Man mentored by Peter Parker" - I really hope this doesn't happen. One of the best parts of Miles origin story is that he's motivated into becoming Spider-Man by the (possible) death of Peter Parker. @14 - No they've not doubt completely forgotten. But I'm sure they'll remember that he is when/if the Sinister Six make a movie appearance.

  3. Frontier

    Hey, do you think anyone at Marvel other than Bendis remembers that Mysterio is still stuck in the Ultimate Universe?

  4. Realspideyfan

    Does anyone else feel like this won't end with one difenitive universe and instead maybe have a MCU comic universe and a non MCU comic universe and the fact that they already have the films planned for the next decade indicates what parts of the current marvel universe will be in their new MCU comic universe and whatever's leftover will make up the other universe not related to the movies I.e. Fantastic four, x-men, spidey. It almost seems too convienant that they have the press event showcasing all their upcoming movies and series and then the solicits for battleworld follow rather soon.

  5. Al

    @#8-In Tom DeFalco's Ultimate Guide to Spider-Man Coffee table book from 2002 (and it's updated edition in 2007) Deb and Betty (and Liz for some reason) were all included on 2 pages dedicated to Spider-Man's girlfriends, the exceptions being MJ and Felicia who got their own 2 pages. Betty being the first ever girlfriend is worth mentioning and Deb was the most significant love interest behind the big three and Betty, being more or less the 'definitive' girlfriend of the O'Neil/Stern/Mantlo runs of ASM/Spec. She also has had 2 media adaptations. With all this in mind I can see why Marvel would consider including her and Betty. I think its too early to call that and we must bear in mind also Marvel's tenacity for continuity, their ability to get on fine financially by just out and out ignoring their history, moulding their pre-existing universe to match media adaptations and the plethora of story threads in the works which are obviously not going to be wrapped up by May. Parker industries, Otto's death, female Thor, dead Wolverine, etc. A hard reboot would logically form a mostly clean break

  6. Frontier

    @Stillanerd-Got to love that movie synergy...I say extremely sarcastically. It'll be interesting to see how things end up for the characters who Marvel still don't own the movie rights too and how that might factor into what happens to them in Secret War. Would they get rid of the Fantastic Four? The X-Men? Ship them off to another dimension different from the more MCU-like new Marvel Universe. Heck, it'll be interesting to see what happens to Peter what with the highly probable eventuality of Miles being brought over to 616.

  7. George Berryman

    @#2 George Berryman — "Well, George, if you remember, Carlie did go off the Florida in the back-up for Superior Spider-Man #31, and I don’t see Florida anywhere on that Battleworld map, so…>:)" God doesn't love Spider-fans enough for Carlie to go poof. She'll still be around out there, somehow. Just coming to visit on and off like the herpes.

  8. Stillanerd

    Yeah, from a promotional standpoint, I'd say it's very telling on Marvel's part that they didn't include either Carlie Cooper or Silk on that "Many Loves of Peter Parker" page. MJ, Gwen, and Black Cat are to be expected (and each of them have the most titles listed and even crossover into others) but Betty Brant and Debra Whitman? Wow! Then again, it makes sense why Marvel would want to put less emphasis on Carlie seeing how the fans never really warmed up to her and that she was essentially a blander, under-developed next-gen Debra Whitman. But it surprises me how, given all the push they've been giving Silk, they didn't include her in that page. Maybe it's because that, as part of getting her own series, Marvel realizes that, even though she's a spin-off character, she has to make it on her own without being regarded as "Spidey's super-powered girlfriend." Especially given how they were only "lovers" in that their spider-sense just compels them to start banging any time they're around each other, which probably hasn't gone over well with folks to say the least. @#2 George Berryman -- Well, George, if you remember, Carlie did go off the Florida in the back-up for Superior Spider-Man #31, and I don't see Florida anywhere on that Battleworld map, so...>:) #6 Al -- Yeah, I don't believe Battleworld is going to be the permenant Marvel Universe going forward either simply because the idea of having multiple versions of superheroes running around on a patchwork planet is already confusing enough. However, I do think it's very clear that Marvel is going to use Secret Wars to pick and choose which version of a particular character they want to survive and thus, when Earth and the universe is restored, only that version of the character will exist. Which means, among other things, will likely going to have the Ultimate Nick Fury be the only Nick Fury who's left, an Avengers roster which will be identical to the films, Miles Morales as Spider-Man mentored by Peter Parker, etc.

  9. ItsMichaeleid

    "...The Marvel Universe is no more..." I admit I cried a little bit. I'm gonna miss the Old Universe.

  10. Al

    They don't list Pre-OMD love interests but they do cite the piece of crap that was Back in Black Cat in a recommended reading list. I still say wait and see cos at the moment the building blocks of the new Marvel Unvierse includes 2-3 Spider heroes, the Ultimate Universe, the MC2 universe, zombies, Ultron, Age of Apocalypse and what may well be the 1992 cartoon versions of the X-Men. Methinks this isn't going to be permanent.

  11. Will

    This will be Marvel's way of showing that Carlie Cooper is a combination of all those women listed in the Many Loves. Sad but true.

  12. Ben

    Spider-Island and One More Day? God, it's like Marvel are trying to justify their reasons for rebooting Spider-Man by saying "look!, remember how terrible these 'old' Spider-Man stories were!."

  13. dornwolf

    Actually if you notice Jack, no one mentioned post OMD who was a potential love interest is mentioned. I will admit that I now have massive doubts about this. It's listed under the Regency which was where Renew Your Vowes was listed. I now doubt that this is going the way I hoped.

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