Spider-Man 2099 Turns Into Secret Wars 2099

Secret_Wars_2099-720x1100Writer Peter David is going from one crossover to another as his Spider-Man 2099 book ends and morphs into Secret Wars 2099. IGN had the scoop. Alchemax will run the 2099 Avengers and the corporation essentially runs the USA.  

Written by Peter David

Penciled by William Sliney

Cover by TBD

On Sale 5/27/2015

When everything ends, it’s time to go back to the future. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances – including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fist?

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  1. Xander

    This is really disappointing. It's been nice to see David back on the major character that got me into comics in the first place, and it's a damn shame to see that comic being canceled so soon. It's also disappointing that all of the characters on the cover are new ones rather than existing 2099 versions of the characters. Granted, there hasn't been a Iron Man 2099 before, but there was a Paladdin 2099 that was basically a new take on Iron Man. And as for the other two characters (Falcon and Black Widow?), I'm sure that David can make them interesting, but I'd rather have seen Hulk or one of the X-Men fill out the roster. I just thank God that Slott and David have this stuff set in 2099 before the cataclysm rather than *shudder* World of Tomorrow.

  2. Will

    @21, There was also the cancellation of Scarlet Spider and him being put into New Warriors. Yost wrote both titles, but the latter just wasn't the same... Venom got canceled and they put him in the Guardians of the Galaxy...some could argue that book is nowhere near as good as it was since Flash joined them...

  3. Realspideyfan

    @16 yeah that's actually a rather brilliant point. I wrote a comment in the other battleworld article that this ends with a MCU comic universe and a 616 like universe. But with all these 2099 Solicits your point fits.

  4. PunyParker

    I don't think Miggy's going anywhere,cuz the creative team is still the same.....something will happen

  5. PeterParkerfan

    Spider-Man 2099 is one of the few Spidey books that's worth reading.... and they're canceling it for Avengers 2099? Ugh, I hate this Secret Wars crap already. Damn it!

  6. Calvin

    Ugh, I was JUST starting to get into SM2099. As some who was thinking of dropping the main ASM title after Spider Verse is over, I was going to make SM2099 my primary Spidey book. And now... another Avengers book. Essentially, this is going to be JLA3000 but run by a corporation. I REALLY hope Marvel knows what it is doing post Secret Wars. I guess the good thing or possibility is, that with the Ultimate Universe dying, maybe 2099 will see a resurgence as the 2nd major universe? Just give me more Miguel is all I care about.

  7. Al

    @#17-Its something all writers nowdays idiotically have to deal with. Though for the record modern PAD imo is much better than modern Claremont who hasn't been the same since the 1990s

  8. Frontier

    @#16-Not that I disagree, but from what I've heard about what Chris Claremont had to deal with writing Nightcrawler, it was just as bad.

  9. Al

    Poor Peter David. Thou art the best Marvel writer in the company and also the most screwed over. That being said I suspected this might happen when we got mentions and appearances of Maestro, Strange 2099 and Punisher 2099. The 2099 world was getting a backdoor revival it seemed and it looked to be Secret Wars connected. I dunno why they're bothering because time has proven again and again few people care about the alternate versions of ANY characters under the imprints that aren't Spider-Man related. Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Girl and Spider-Man 2099 are the only characters who were left standing in the 2099, Ultimate and MC2 universes. Everything else faded away.

  10. Frontier

    @#14-Yeah, I feel you. At least the story for this sounds legitimately interesting, and I have a lot of faith in PAD. It would definitely be nice to see some of his X-Factor storylines picked up in this book. And there's always the hope Miguel will get his book back post-Secret Wars.

  11. George Berryman

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  12. AmFan15

    Damn it...just damn it. The one (and ONLY, since Superior Foes ended) Marvel comic I've been buying, and now this. I really feel bad for Peter David. It's like he spent a lot of time setting his chess pieces up, getting everything ready for an epic, exciting game...only to have the big kids come over, kick the board away and stomp up and down on the pieces. He was really gaining some steam, setting up some interesting characters and intriguing plots, only to be yanked from crossover to crossover. He's still writing this apparently, so we'll see. But like everyone has already said, I want to read Spider-Man 2099, not Eff-You-Buy-It-Cause-We-Said-So 2099. To say that this is disappointing is a vast understatement.

  13. hornacek

    @11 - I mean, that assumes Stillanerd's theory is right and this is an Age of Apocalypse temporary type of change and not a New 52 permanent type of change.

  14. hornacek

    How many people do you think will keep buying their regular titles and how many will say "Hey, I have zero interest in some new reality version of my comics, especially when I know that it will eventually be wiped out and everything will go back to normal with no consequences" and not buy the new Secret Wars versions of their books, and just wait for things to get back to normal before buying again? Like how some people (cough cough) stopped buying Spider-Man after ASM #700 because they didn't want to buy a book where Peter wasn't in it as Spider-Man. They knew that if they waited, eventually Marvel would bring things back to how they once were before they went off on their tangent.

  15. Stillanerd

    I'd say with this announcement, it's given credence to the theory that for Secret Wars, Marvel is doing something similar to what they did during Age of Apocalypse, i.e. over the course of the event, they'll "cancel" certain titles and replace them with alternate titles that are similar to the title in which they replaced. At least with regards to some of them. Anything with a "Last Days" banner on it is a continuation of an ongoing series only it revolves around the final "eight hours" of the Marvel 616 or Ultimate Universes, while everything else will fall under the "Battleworld" or "War Zones" banner. Question is what banner will Secret Wars 2099 fall under?

  16. Enigma_2099

    ... I'm pretty sure the only person more thrilled about this than Peter David is George Berryman. Wouldn't be surprised if they're both getting drunk together right now.

  17. Sean

    Disappointing if this means the end of Spider-Man 2099 as I was liking that book and looking forward to returning to the plots PAD was setting up. I'd imagine they're being abandoned now?

  18. Will

    For those who didn't read the latest issue of X-Factor, that book leads right into this. Miguel guest stars and he runs into an old 2099 buddy who is running a rival company that is trying to take down Alchemex in present day before Alchemex destroys everything. That book also sets up Serval Industries running the Avengers in the future.

  19. hornacek

    So Spider-Man 2099 is ending so we can have this new book set in 2099? So what was the point of all that world-building in SM2099 with the company and supporting cast? I want a SM2099 book, not an Avengers 2099 book. Thanks Marvel!

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