Deadpool Invades the 1984 Secret Wars

enhanced-buzz-wide-10401-1423150953-19It seems Deadpool was originally in the 1984 Secret Wars, we just didn’t see him. Writer Cullen Bunn will write an upcoming mini-series called “Deadpool’s Secret, Secret Wars.” Did Deapool origainlly get the black suit in issue #8? Did he help Spider-Man kick all the X-Men’s ass in issue # 3? I’m down for this mini-series. I know a certain member on out podcast who is not.  Buzzfeed has more info. 

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  1. BD - Post author

    I really enjoy Bunn's writing. His Magneto book is out of the park! I've enjoyed several of his Deadpool stories, I also enjoyed his Fearless mini-series. His Venom book had highs and lows, but he's a solid writer. I'm excited for this upcoming book.

  2. Ben

    Deadpool is a good character, but it really bugs me that Marvel insists on wasting him by using him in these gimmicky "meta" storylines. Hopefully this ends up being an exception.

  3. Mycroft

    @4 I'm agreed that his Deadpool and Venom stuff isn't all that great. His Venom was solid when he focused in on Flash and Eddie, and I really liked what he did with Andi and Jack O'Lantern, but there was too much in the book that got away from that for my taste. His Deadpool minis also have some solid ideas (I actually really like Carnage as a Deadpool foil; I think he might make more sense there than as a Spidey villain), but they don't touch the classic Joe Kelly stuff or the current Deadpool book. That said, I've heard nothing but good things about his creator-owned stuff. I also really liked Fearless Defenders, and his Magneto is one of Marvel's best books. (Seriously, check out Magneto sometime if you haven't already)

  4. Al

    I have no faith because, whilst he is a decent person, Bunn really isn't a good writer, at least not for Deadpool or Venom

  5. hornacek

    I would be more interested in this if it was like the Joe Kelly issue where he went back in time to ASM #47 (somewhere around there) and he took over Peter's place and it was like Quantum Leap and everyone thought he was Peter. They used actual panels from that issue with Deadpool mesmerized by Harry's hair and how MJ was talking like someone with mental problems. That was a funny issue. If they did the same thing with him taking the place of someone who was actually in Secret Wars, that could be interesting. But saying that he was there all the time and going back and forcing him into scenes is like that last Nikki and Paulo episode of Lost where they showed flashbacks to previous seasons and inserted N&P into those scenes to say "Hey, they were always there, you just didn't see them the first time!" Nope.

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