Ditko To Talk About Quitting Spider-Man?


Spider-Man’s Co-Creator Steve Ditko put a heck of a tease at the end of his recent issue of the Four-Page Series.



asm38In the February issue he talks about his experience at the first New York Comic Con. Coming in issue # 44 in March Ditko teases, “Why I quit.” Will he talk about why he quit the Amazing Spider-Man series with issue # 38 back in July 1966. Will this nearly 50 year old mystery finally be solved?

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  1. Sano

    He will probably say something that will not make any sense. He's the living embodiment of the DC character he created, The Question. Alan Moore channeled Ditko when he created his Question variant, Rorschach in Watchmen.

  2. Danbbqman

    I agree, that was a long time ago. I respect Ditko's work and contributions to the comic industry - Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, etc. But Spidey needed a fresh look and an injection of excitement. Having Jazzy John Romita take over the pencils was a stroke of genius! Just look at that first cover. Issue #39 is the jewel of my collection!

  3. Venom65437 (Josh)

    I can't lie. I stopped caring why he quit a long time ago. I'm not really a big fan of his art but maybe if the story is real good I'll check it out. He hasn't wanted to discuss Spider-Man in forever so I'd be stunned if he said much now.

  4. WolfCypher

    Am I terrible to admit that I like the "mystery that may never be solved"? Its like the Joker, or people who hated Wolverine's origins being revealed...I kinda don't want anyone to know. If it'll happen, I'll be there.

  5. dawwe

    I'm guessing he will be talking about it in a more broad sense and not go into the details about Spider-Man, but I suppose one can hope.

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