Collectors 2-8-15

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  1. Matthew

    Sorry to hear that, Eddie. I know you have said "loosely based" with regard to the strip before, but I hoped this was a case of "What would Eddie say IF situation XYZ happened?" I wish you the best in your housing search.

  2. Eddie deAngelini - Post author

    Don, My lease ended a couple of months ago and I'm renting month to month. I literally came home last week to a notice on my door that my tenancy is terminated and I have 60 days to vacate. The owners may be vile and evil, but they're within their legal right.

  3. Don

    This doesn't make sense. One would assume they have a lease. It makes no mention of the lease ending in 60 days, just them being unilaterally thrown out. Legally that can't happen. The landlord can remodel, even raise the rent, but within the confines of the lease agreement.

  4. WolfCypher

    Well...there is a Spider-Man looking for some roommates a few headlines down on the homepage. Maybe ya'll could...

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