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ASM2SESome updates via IndieWire (who read the Wall Street Journal – heh!)

In a nutshell:

– Spidey’s first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks to be Captain America: Civil War.
– ‘Sinister Six’ movie now “delayed.”

Elsewhere? As Brad mentioned previously the ‘word on the street’ is that Andrew Garfield will not be back as Spider-Man. Nothing officially official on that so far but practically every industry mag and film beat reporter is echoing that now, from Hollywood Reporter to the Wrap to Entertainment Weekly.

We’ll keep posting when we hear more.

–George Berryman!


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  1. Hobo-Goblin

    The major problem with ASM 2 was definitely with the plotting, and not really at all to do with Garfield, so I wouldn't really blame him for calling out the clearly-too-many cooks in the kitchen.

  2. George Berryman - Post author

    @33 - Fair point. I was misremembering it then though he did say he was proud of "a lot" of it and not "all of it." :cool:And the extended comments he had ( definitely made me feel he was pointing fingers at the producers and the studio, especially in regard to what they cut out.

  3. Donovan Grant

    @#11 George: That's not how Garfield responded when ASM2 came out. He talked about the film being diluted due to the studio and producers, but he was ultimately happy with the film and sad at the negative feedback." I’m proud of a lot of it and had a good time, and was a bit taken aback by the response."

  4. Sean

    I see people who consider the MCU films to be by and large mediocre all the time. In some cases, I can even agree though overall I think they've done a fine job.I'd rather hope they don't take much of anything from the Ultimate version. I'd actually really like to see a more accurate take on the Green Goblin at some point with the mask and everything. Just no Hulk Goblin, but that's pretty much been avoided entirely aside from that Ultimate cartoon I think.

  5. Ben

    @28 - I'm not the biggest fan of most of the MCU movies, I also enjoyed ASM 2 for the most part, but (after some early cynicism) I'm pretty optimistic about this news. If there's one thing I can give Marvel credit for it's that all the MCU movies regardless of actual quality of the movies, have been the most faithful representations of comic book characters (Mandarin and a few others obviously excluded) on the big screen. If they get Spidey's and his supporting casts personality right I'd be pretty pleased.Regardless I don't think people would call the movie perfection just cause it's Marvel studios, I saw plenty of comic book fans trash Iron Man 2&3, and The Incredible Hulk when they came out.

  6. George Berryman - Post author

    @28 - "People hated Amazing Spider-man 2, but now that the Marvel Studios banner is going to be attached to the next film, they could release a Spider-man movie 100 times worse than people claimed Spider-man 3 and Amazing Spider-man 2 were, and they’ll still call the movie “perfection.”I disliked ASM2 greatly but yeah - anything is possible. The next Spider-Man "re-imagining" could wind up sucking even more, especially if they keep trying to marry the Spidey to the subpar Ultimate setting. And while I love damn near everything the MCU has done so far if the new MCU Spidey is crap, I'll call it crap. Keeping my fingers crossed in the meantime though.

  7. Danbbqman

    I am glad that Garfield is out - but I have no idea who these actors are that have been proposed to take his place :) I just hope they make an entertaining movie!

  8. Gary

    People hated Amazing Spider-man 2, but now that the Marvel Studios banner is going to be attached to the next film, they could release a Spider-man movie 100 times worse than people claimed Spider-man 3 and Amazing Spider-man 2 were, and they'll still call the movie "perfection." I like how some people think it has to be Miles Morales because "Peter Parker has been in 5 movies already." Well, we've already seen half a 4 movies with Iron Man in it, with 2 more coming out in the next year and a half. And James Bond has over 2 dozen movies. We've seen Black Widow in 3 movies with a 4th on the way this year. We've seen a few movies with Thor with more coming. Let's not forget that Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow are going to also be in the 2 Infinity War films. Putting all of them making more big screen appearances than Peter Parker's Spider-man. So why is 5 movies too many for Peter?And if it's not Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's a big ole not seeing it for me.

  9. Sean

    It's funny, but I largely haven't heard of any of names being thrown around aside from one or two. The two I've been seeing thrown around the most are O'Brien and Lerman as Stillanerd mentioned. Can't comment on them since I've never seen them in anything. This'll be a big casting, that's for sure. Marvel generally seems to have made good choices in that department though, so I don't feel too worried.

  10. Ben

    @Stillanerd - Glad to see Lerman is (seemingly) in the running. I can't see Miles or Miguel showing up before Peter in the MCU, that would be really weird and confusing.

  11. Stillanerd

    Well, this is now being reported by Variety:<blockquote>Sony is going younger with its next Spider-Man.Now that Andrew Garfield is hanging up the red and blue spandex, Sony Pictures is getting ready to put out a casting call to find its next web slinger. The plan is for the character to go back to high school in the next films, Variety has learned from sources with knowledge of the studio’s plans.A number of actors already have been mentioned as being considered for the role, including “The Maze Runner” and “Teen Wolf’s” Dylan O’Brien and the “Percy Jackson” franchise’s Logan Lerman. Lerman most recently co-starred in Sony’s “Fury.”Actors have yet to be approached, and sources say Sony is looking to hire a new director to replace “The Amazing Spider-Man” films’ Marc Webb before tapping a new Spidey. The studio also needs to figure out whether it wants to go with another Peter Parker or introduce another character that suits up as Spider-Man, including Miles Morales, whose father is African American and mother is Puerto Rican.</blockquote>

  12. Stillanerd

    @#23 Ben -- I've seen Logan Lerman's name come up other places as well. The forums at Superhero Hype have a poll placing him second behind Dylan O'Brien, who also appears to be a popular choice.

  13. Ben

    @2 - Yeah. I've also got the impression that scripts often commonly get edited on-set during early filming too, so there's plenty of opportunity for him to show up.Not really liking too many of those picks. someone mentioned Logan Lerman on another article and I thought he could be a good choice for a college age Peter. I'd like to see Donald Glove as Hobie Brown though.

  14. Stillanerd

    @#19 Javi Trujillo -- Exactly!@#20 Ben -- I agree, and I would be very surprised if there wasn't, especially since screenplays tend to go through several different drafts since they have to take into consideration shooting schedules, production costs, etc.BTW, with regards to possible replacements for Andrew Garfield, Cinema Blend as come up with a list of their recommendations:*Kodi Smit-McPhee *Ansel Elgort *Craig Roberts *Douglas Booth *Cameron Monaghan *Anton Yelchin *Taron Egerton *Donald Glover *Dylan O’Brien *Freddie Highmore

  15. Sean

    @George - Wasn't aware it was done already, but that makes sense if they're really getting ready to start filming in April. I rather hope that BP remains a focus since he's more of a new character to promote to the public than Spider-Man. A post-credits scene would seem the most likely unless he actually shows up to help as you suggested.The notion that they had two different scripts ready is an interesting one though.Apparently the word is they're going to be looking for a younger actor for Spider-Man than Garfield was, which makes sense given Marvel's tendency to sign for multiple pictures and the character being one for whom growth is a more major factor. Well, at least he usually is.

  16. Ben

    @Stillanerd - That is an incredibly good point, and even if that plot rumour is 100% wrong, I wouldn't be suprised if there was an alternate script featuring Spidey.

  17. Stillanerd

    @#12 Ben -- I agree, it does sound rather detailed for what amounts to as a mere minor supporting role. Although, it's also possible there's more than one script for Captain America: Civil War--one with Spider-Man in case the deal went through, and one without Spider-Man in case it didn't.

  18. Will

    A better way to state Garfield's departure: Unfortunately he won't be playing Spider-Man, but very fortunately he will no longer be playing Peter Parker as a d-bag.

  19. Stillanerd

    @#13 Spider-knight87 -- Nope, that link has nothing to do with me. That YouTube video belongs to DailyBugleSpidey, a guy who claims to have inside sources in Hollywood--or did at one time--who also happens to dress-up as Spider-Man.

  20. Ben

    @10 - I like that idea a lot. I'd be nice if Marvel keep some sort mystery between Spidey and the other MCU heroes for at least a few movies (i.e they don't know his secret identity)@12 - Sounds a bit elaborate to me. If Black Panther has been confirmed to still have his big role in the film then I can't see Spidey having that much involvement with the plot. But who knows.

  21. Stillanerd

    Well with regards to Spider-Man's role in Captain America: Civil War, there was this Youtube video made a week before the Marvel Studios/Sony deal:

  22. George Berryman - Post author

    @7 - I would not be surprised at all to find out Spidey's MCU debut is in Civil War's credits. Though maybe he shows up at a crucial point in the climax then swings away, leaving all the MCU heroes wondering who & what he is. We'll have to wait & see! :cool:

  23. Carnage 707

    Doesn't shooting for Cap 3 start in April? If Spidey does make an appearance, I wonder If they will redesign/use a new suit or if they will continue to use the suit from ASM2. I liked that suit alot.

  24. Ben

    @6 - It's already written? Unless there are some big re-writes, sounds like Spidey could just be a post-credits cameo.

  25. George Berryman - Post author

    @3 - Going off what I have read today Captain America: Civil War's already been written. Black Panther will still feature prominently; Spidey's role will most likely be small. And since we know that the MCU Civil War won't be based off the 616 Civil War then I doubt the unmasking will even be a thing.And yeah, by "delayed" I took that to mean Sinister Six is history.

  26. Ben

    @3 - If Garfield really is out (which is looking more and more likely), I think it would be safe to consider SS + the other ASM movies cancelled.

  27. Sean

    Still not enough info on how exactly this version of Civil War will proceed to really understand how that will work. I'd be really surprised if they made his first appearance in the MCU the unmasking. Honestly, just having him show up would be really weird since we won't see his first movie till the next year.I rather wish they'd just go ahead and cancel Sinister Six.

  28. Ben

    "Spidey’s first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe looks to be Captain America: Civil War." - Now I really hope this is an in name only adaptation of Civil War.... :(

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