Spider-Verse To Spill Over Into Secret Wars

SVSW1“Because Fans Demanded It!

Just as Amazing Spider-Man #14 was set to “end” the long Spider-Verse event (except for the coming epilogue in Amazing Spider-Man #15, which is presumably the “end” end) Nerdist.com brings word that the Spider-Verse event will continue into the Secret Wars.

From Nerdist:

It’s a good week to be Peter Parker. Or Miles Morales. Anyone who was bitten by a radioactive spider or swings around the streets of New York City at night under the nom-de-guerre of Spider-Man, really. First your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man manages to swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper, and now he and his many variations spinning out of the Spider-Verse event are taking their talents to Battleworld in a brand new Secret Wars series that we are exclusively unveiling today: the appropriately named Spider-Verse #1. Written by Mike Costa (Scarlet Spiders, Snake Eyes – Agent of Cobra), illustrated by Andre Aruajo (Avengers A.I.), and featuring a cover by Nick Bradshaw (Wolverines), this book brings together all manner of Spider-people including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man India, Spider-UK, Spider-Man Noir, and Mayday Parker for the wall-crawlingest title in town.

Nerdist also has an interview with the writer, Mike Costa.

–George Berryman!

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  1. Ben

    "retire as Spider-Girl and gives the costume and mantle to Anya?” - Why do I feel like this could happen. :(

  2. Stillanerd

    So, if Anya Corazon is in this Secret Wars tie-in instead of Mayday Parker, and yet the cover shows Mayday Parker in her Spider-Girl costume, what if that's <b>not</b> a mistake by the cover artist? What if the Spider-Verse Epilogue in Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #15 reveals that Mayday, in order to better look after her brother, Benjy, decides to retire as Spider-Girl and gives the costume and mantle to Anya? Course, according to DeFalco and Frenz on Super Hero Speak, they are apparently going to do a MC2 project for Secret Wars (which makes sense given how we've seen characters like American Dream and Darkdevil in that Alex Ross promotional poster), so it would be very strange that Mayday as Spider-Girl wouldn't be included. http://superherospeak.com/wp/91-tom-defalco-and-ron-frenz/

  3. PeterParkerfan

    So... the daughter of the true Spider-Man got replaced by a less pouplar Spider-character? Duh! I guess there's no hope Mayday getting another series.

  4. George Berryman - Post author

    There were only two things interesting me in this. One is still there (Spider-Ham). The other (Mayday) not only vanished but has been replaced by a character I have little love for (Anya). Pass.

  5. Ben

    @19 - Looks like she’s been cut from the book, that certainly looks like her on the cover/promotional image at the top of this article. Also sounds like Spider-Verse could be a team book, and not an anthology.

  6. Adam S.

    Unfortunately, Mayday isn't going to be in this, Anya is. Hopefully she'll be in the MC2 Secret Wars tie-in. https://twitter.com/MikeCosta/status/566401880595509248 "Some wires got crossed. Anya is on the team, not Mayday."

  7. Shaun Martineau

    I didn't care for Costa's writing style on Scarlet Spiders at all. Wish it was Dennis Hopeless. Still, glad it's not Dan Slott.

  8. QuilSniv

    Spider-Verse Episode I: The Dan Slott Menace Spider-Verse Episode II: Attack of the Fans Spider-Verse Episode III: Revenge of the Execs See, I can make the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy into a Spider-Verse clone!... A surprising easy feat. And since Disney owns both franchises, we don't have to worry about arguments between Lucas and Disney.... now they can just do it.... Oh, joy. Well, at least Costa is writing. That's something redeemable. @16- Don't jinx it, Marvel might actually pay attention to the fanbase for once!

  9. Yvonmukluk

    Well it hopefully won't see the inheritors any more and will hopefully be able to focus on the Spiders in more detail, plus not with Slott writing it. Slightly sad Mayday's not getting her own appearance in an MC2 Secret Wars book, since we know it plays a part.

  10. Al

    Sigh. I guess I will be buying some of Secret Wars now. Great. I will support Mayday and Miguel and Spider-Gwen so I suppose now I gotta buy Secret Wars 2099 as well. I thought Scarlet Spiders wasn't a bad mini so I will give Costa a shot at least. He might even be able to fix some of thecrap Slott messed up, or otherwise Secret Wars as a whole might do that. I just want Mayday either more concretely identitfied as not the genuine article MC2 version and/or her parents, plus Kaine resurrected. If they resurrect Earth -94 Ben, Spider-Man 1605 and a few other Spider People then that'll be a bonus too.

  11. PeterParkerfan

    Spider-Gwen, The daughter of the true Spider-Man - Spider-Girl, Spider-UK, Spider-Man India, Noir.... Some of them should get their own series/miniseries, Especially Spider-Girl and Spider-Man: Noir.

  12. Stillanerd

    @#4 PartyHardy -- Indeed, it doesn't. Or to paraphrase Richard Dreyfus from <i>What About Bob?</i> "You think Spider-Verse it's gone? It's not gone. It's never gone!" @#8 George Berryman and @#9 Sean -- Unless, like what's happened with Spider-Man 2099 being replaced with Secret Wars 2099, Spider-Verse winds up replacing Spider-Gwen during Secret Wars. Also, based on the cover, I'm guessing this will be more or less an anthology series about different Spider-Men and Women, so the possibility of a Lady Spider follow-up is a possibility.

  13. Sean

    Odd also that Miguel and Miles seems absent, unless that's meant to be explained by them having their own books. Of course, with Spider-Gwen having her own series as mentioned, that doesn't make much sense either. Rather wish we maybe had Lady Spider in her place.

  14. artofjaymz

    I told a friend I'd stop buying Spidey after spiderverse Until Spidey gets a new writer.... I'd much rather read this guy and Conway Than pretend to joyfully entertain Anything else written by slot. His run has Lasted longer than most rv shows.

  15. Ben

    Flogging a dead horse!! - The Marvel Method!!! Trying to be positive about it though. If they make it an anthology like the Edge of Spider-Verse books then I might be interested. If it’s another brainless punch up between a bunch of out of character Spider-People and some other inter dimensional threat then I'll hope this book tanks.

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