Spider-Girls # 115

tumblr_ndeoomT2s11qgu2vjo1_500Day four of Spider-Gwen cosplay. 

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  1. Gary

    #1 Silk is a terrible character. She has been cooped up in a bunker for over a decade, but comes out able to immediately take Peter down easily. Someone with no training taking out someone who has been on the front lines fighting and using their powers everyday. Slott really thinks everyone's stupid, and it's not a shock that he makes his characters out to be better than characters created by other writers. He did the same with Carlie Cooper, where no one else could tell Peter was acting weird in Superior Spider-man, but Carlie could.What Slott should have done in Spider-verse was have Spider-Gwen be the one living in that fall out shelter living in the world that is covered in radiation. Then they could have had her get stuck in Peter's world, giving us a new dynamic where Peter has Gwen back, and Gwen has Peter back. And then we'd have a new dynamic where Peter has a love interest who isn't acting like Peter being Spider-man is ruining their life.Spider-Gwen might be the only good thing Slott's given us in years.

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