The Mashups Have Begun

BraceYourselfSpideyMarvelWith the Sony/Marvel news of last week will come the inevitable video mashups mixing existing Spider-Man & Marvel film footage.

Some will be good; some will be bad.

I won’t lie to you, people. It’s gonna get rough out there. But if we band together we can enjoy the good and weather the bad.

Here’s an Avengers & Spidey mashup for the Battle of New York from Screen Crush. Is it great? Is it lacking?


–George Berryman!

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(3) Comments

  1. tnr105

    These types of videos have been around for a while, I only imagine they'll be even more prominent now. I've made a few myself, featuring both Spidey and Wolverine. They're good exercises in editing, and if they're done well, they can be fun.

  2. Raul

    Okay' this video has nothing to do with this but..... y'all gotta watch this it's freaking hilarious! XD it's Spidey related! :D [youtube]

  3. Ben

    In the midsts of all this Spidey MCU Hype, I feel it’s important to remember the original Spider-Man Captain American movie.

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