Daily Archives: February 25, 2015

  • Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #15 Review: Stillanerd’s Take

    “Enough! No more surrogates!” To paraphrase Emerson, Lake & Palmer, “Welcome back my friends to the event that never ends.” Because just when you think “Spider-Verse” is over, there’s enough going on in this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man (and Marvel’s promotional material for their new Secret Wars), there’s…

  • Stan Lee Draws Spider-Man For Autistic Boy

    Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee is known for writing some of the best stories of the webhead, but he isn’t know for penciling any of them. Evidently at age 92 he’s getting out his pencil for a good cause. Eight year old Jamel Hunter from New York City has autism…

  • Spider-Girls # 120

    Celebrating ladies who love Spider-Man and his villains. You’ll go to a dozen comic cons, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a White Rabbit cos-player. Very well done!