Stan Lee Draws Spider-Man For Autistic Boy

B-YceUMIUAADXmWSpider-Man co-creator Stan Lee is known for writing some of the best stories of the webhead, but he isn’t know for penciling any of them. Evidently at age 92 he’s getting out his pencil for a good cause.

Eight year old Jamel Hunter from New York City has autism and his hero is Spider-Man. His mom decided to throw him a Spidey themed birthday party. A New York Times reporter previously did a story about Jamel and Stan Lee’s next door neighbor read it and was moved. She called up Stan and asked him to sketch the boy a Spidey for his birthday and sign it. It’s a stick figure with a word balloon that says “Hi, Jamel.”
Needless to say, it was an epic birthday gift for a special boy from an amazing man.  Check out the New York Times article for more information. 

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  1. truthwillwin1

    Dan Slott please notice the child is black and he is having no issue playing with Spider-man which is white. People relate to people because of character not skin color.

  2. tnr105

    I'm not trashing Ditko (so ease down Comic's Alliance) but I don't think he'd do this if he was in Stan's position.Stan is 92 years old, has a pace maker, and isn't a professional artist... yet he still took the time to do this for this little boy. Bless him.The next time someone disses Stan Lee, I'm going to pull a George Berryman.

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