Amazing Spider-Man #15 Review: AndrewRoebuck’s take

ASM2014015-DC21-054e7Hop on Falcor the luck dragon because this neverending story doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Can a story really be called an Epilogue when it sets up 5 other stories one pertaining directly to the event itself. Read on to see my opinions on the end of the beginning of the end of the marvel universe.


“Spider-Verse Epilogue”

WRITER: Dan Slott
PENCILER: Giuseppe Camuncoli
INKERS: Cam Smith and Roberto Poggi
COLOR ARTIST: Justin Ponsor
LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos
EDITOR: Nick Lowe

PLOT: Our story begins with all the Spider-Verse members returning to their perspective universes with Spider-Girl finding out that she still has family back home as Mary Jane her mother survived the inheritor attack. Spider-Girl reunites with her family, and a new member joins them Uncle Ben who for the first time inASM2014015-int2-2-cc0c2 the history of Ben Parker becomes a grandparent. May also dons an old version of her fathers own costume becoming Spider-Woman. As the rest of the Spider-Crew prepares to leave they all have a huge flash of Spider-Sense and realize that The Superior Spider-Man is attempting to completely disassemble the web of reality. As they travel to thwart The Superior Spider-Man they discover that portals  are rapidly closing so they send Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man 2099 back to their own realities/time periods. They have a big battle that ends with Spider-Man putting the smack down on Superior Spider-Man and shoving them back through the time period. Karn decides to take up the mantle of the master weaver who is surprise surprise him from the future. Which barely makes sense. So then Karn Weaver prepares to send all of the Spider-Men back to their perspective times and dimensions. Except for Spider-Man UK who apparently had his universe completely wiped out due to the onset of incursions (New Avengers/Avengers stuff). So Spider-Man UK stays back to assist in having the web repaired, and Anya decides to join in the care taking of the great web as well. So they are now multi verse police in a sense. Kaine has the same revival he does at nearly every event in which he dies. The spiders arrive back in modern day New York and all go their perspective ways.  Spider-Man stops a mugger and thinks how its good to be home. Unfortunately for him he has no idea about secret wars.

STORY: So overall as a cap off to Spider-Verse I did enjoy this issue. I wish this was all Spider-Verse ever was, a bunch of Spider-Men sitting around talking and having the odd battle. Superior Spider-Man becoming ultra evil insane was a bit much and I think they could have done without that element of the book. Superior Spider-Man killing Master Weaver was enough, it did however manage to cap off the rivalry between Karn and Superior Spider-Man quite well which is alright from a thematic angle. The secret identity of the Master Weaver was a nice surprise. I honestly hadn’t even put to much thought into it being a secret identity, it felt like more of a ASM2014015-int2-3-3658acosmic being. If the master weaver was in fact Karn how did he survive without feasting for all those years? Was the suit specifically built for such a purpose? Also how does Karn immediately know how to operate and fix the great web? It is such a bizarre idea that simultaneously works and doesn’t work.

On another note I really enjoyed the cap off to Spider-Girl’s storyline, and while the character was not used well in Spider-Verse I really enjoyed how she ended off. It is nice to see her updated to Spider-Woman, and it was cute to see Uncle Ben become a new component of their universe. Although Uncle Ben would already have been a Grandpa to May Parker as soon as he entered the universe or even met her.

So Kaine  died but didn’t die for what the third time now? Seriously why do we even bother killing Kaine at this point? It’s not a convincing storytelling device, as he appears invincible. That being said I am glad he is not dead, so this is a case of good plot device, bad plot device.

Spider-Man 2099 going back to his own time period is a nice change but it does mess up his current storyline in his own storyline as it was fun seeing him interact with Tiberius Stone in modern day and was hoping that status quo would be maintained.

Spider-Man UK having a purpose, and Spider-Girl finally escaping the 616 universe in order to have a purpose is likewise enjoyable. Although what role they will play in healing the great web is questionable. Like if Spider-Man UK knows about the big problem in the multi-verse healing the web seems like something they could leave to another time while they try to prevent all of the multi-verse from collapsing in on itself.

Superior Spider-Man will return based solely on that agreement he made with Anna Maria program at the end of the storyline.

Overall Spider-Verse is only a story that will be remembered for its small moments. The small conversations, the preamble, the introduction of new characters are all great parts of the event. The big moments like the fall of Morlun, and the overall story are entirely forgettable.


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  1. George Berryman

    @9 - The point he was making was that while another site might give an issue a lower grade Crawlspace will still be called "too negative" even when its grades for an issue were higher than others.

  2. AndrewC

    @8 I don't understand your post. First I honestly don't know which review you think will be "complained" about. Second, why would anyone complain about someone's subjective opinion? Only a sad sack would snipe at someone who has taken the time and effort to write a review, whether they agree or disagree with it. I'm probably closer to stillanerd's perspective, but I certainly appreciate Andrew's take as well.

  3. Andrew C

    @2 Spidercide (ugh) impaled him, and the Jackal put him in a regeneration pod. His pod was briefly stolen by the High Evolutionary, and then later some superpowered idiots who played some real-life battle royale called "The Game" revived him properly. It was the mid 90's and a confusing time for us all...

  4. Shawn

    In her defense, the real Jean Grey, Technically only died 2 times (3 if the Phoenix War Song mini counts, but it's so hard to tell if that story was ever in continuity or not).

  5. Hobo-Goblin

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Jackal say during one of those Spider-Island set-up stories that he secretly built a regeneration factor into Kaine? I'd imagine to try and arrest his clone degeneration, if so. In whatever case, he tossed Kaine's body into a healing pod in Maximum Clonage and that's what saved him the first time. The other times can probably just be attributed to...The Other Totem Magic or whatever.

  6. WolfCypher

    @ #1 What is he, Jean Grey? I understand his coming back to life constantly is the Other's doing, but I don't remember him dying nor how/why he came back in Maximum Clonage.

  7. Andrew C

    "So Kaine died but didn’t die for what the third time now?" 4th by my count. Maximum Clonage, The Gauntlet, the Lobos werewolf story in 'Scarlet Spider' and this. It should just be his thing now. I want him to die and come back every 2 years.

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