Shailene Woodley Game for Playing Mary Jane

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  1. Spec Spider Fan

    No, eff no. She is adequate acting wise and that is MJ has to simply kill it. Next PP has to kill it.....franchise is presently in condition critical mode, book wise and film wise. Honestly, spiderverse recalls my favorite Simpsons line from season 1 "You know what's scarier than nothing? ANYTHING!" :)

  2. Xander VJ

    It would depend on which version of the character they're going for. I could see Woodley as the Ultimate Universe version of MJ, but not as the 616 version, who has sassy side that I just don't see in this actress.

  3. welcometothepartypal

    I've only seen her in THE DESCENDENTS and thought she was very good. But as MJ? Not for me, I don't find her attractive whatsoever.

  4. spideymaddox

    why were her scenes cut from Amazing 2? was it because of the films run time or were they unhappy with performance? it was the films length I would have rather had kept MJ in the movie and cut all the parent crap.

  5. Frontier

    It's cool that she's still interested in doing it, and I've heard plenty of good things about her, but I'm not sure if anyone working on the current Spidey movie would want to go back to anything from the Amazing franchise after how that turned out. And I'm still not sure how likely it is we'll see MJ in the movies to begin with. Though from what I've read, the MJ she was going to be portraying leaned more Ultimate than 616, so it does have me curious if she could pull off the latter and if Marvel Studios/Sony would even go with that characterization for MCU MJ.

  6. Cheesedique

    She was the best thing in "Divergent", which is the only thing I've seen her in. But I'm confident she could nail the part of MJ pretty well. It would've been nice to have seen her play off of Garfield if things had worked out.

  7. Jonathan

    I'd love for her to play MJ. I saw "The Descendants" with her and George Clooney, and I thought she was a pretty good actress in that, so I have faith in her for that department. Plus, I think she has a good likeness for the character. I hope she gets the role if she goes out for it.

  8. George Berryman

    "She's too old to play MJ!" says the newscastress of the 23 year old Woodley. And I rolled my eyes. I don't have a problem with her playing MJ if they're looking to go really young with Peter & MJ. She's more than capable.

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