Podcast # 363-Slott VS KFC, Spider-Tattoos, 3 Different Spider-Movies, Web Protein

podcast363picHere are the topics discussed in this episode of Spider-News:
*Slott insults KFC a Marvel advertiser
*A man gets a tattoo of a web shooter on his wrist
*Should there be three different types of Spider-Movies
*Sony Selling it’s parts. FYI, this podcast was recorded in early February, so it was before the Marvel/ Sony team up news broke
*How much protein should Spider-Man eat to have organic web shooters? 
*End of the Ultimate Universe? 
*Spider-Man 2099 ending?
*Spider-Man love letter statue
*Spider-Man needs a roomate? 
*Secret Wars Battleworlds
*Ditko explains why he left Spidey? 


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(5) Comments

  1. Jack

    The discussion about Slott's on-line antics was good because it was mainly informative, not just lamenting Slott (which I sometimes fall into in my own comments). I also agree that the Disney execs in charge of Marvel stuff probably wouldn't even recognize the name "Dan Slott", let alone be aware of his miscreant behavior.

  2. Markus Krenn

    Finaly a new Episode. I started to get withdrawls. Even tho this one felt like eating cold cuts, i really enjoyed it.

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