Podcast # 365-Spider-Cannonball Run, Spider-Girl Creative Team, Replacing Slott, 2014 vs 1999 Reboot

podcast365picThe Spider-Panel tackles your dozens of message board questions. Highlights include:

*What Marvel universe characters would you cast in a Cannonball Run remake?
*What new creative team would you put on a Spider-Girl title?
*What’s the best collected edition of Spider-Man?
*Compare the 1999 Spider-Man reboot versus the 2014 one.
*What happened to Ollie Osnick?
*Who should replace Dan Slott on ASM? 


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If you missed the other shows in March, here’s the links. 

Podcast # 364-ASM 13, 14, 15 Reviews
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(3) Comments

  1. hornacek

    FYI - in the episode description above you have a link to episode #364 and say it's ASM 13, 14, 15 Reviews. It's actually 14, 15, 16 reviews.

  2. WolfCypher

    Haven't gotten to listen to either rcent podcast as of this message, but I have to ask when were Questions/Ask a Panelist for March open? I keep keeping a lookout on the Messageboard and never found a topic. I had a question to ask...

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