Silk #2 Review (Spoilers)

Cindy 2Silk #1 is the strongest of the Spider-Female debuts in my opinion, taking a character who was in desperate need of a direction in life and giving her a decent one with some strong characterization. Does she escape the sophomore slump?

Silk #2: Chasing Threads

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Artist: Stacey Lee

Colorist: Ian Herring

Letterer: Travis Lanham

Cover Artist: Dave Johnson

Editors: Devin Lewis & Ellie Pyle & Nick Lowe

Editor-In-Chief: Axel Alonso


Cindy Add

I’m Back to Square One: Intern by day, Super-heroine by night, Cindy Moon continues searching for her family. She comes across numerous dead ends, suspecting Ezekiel Sim’s hand in her family’s disappearance.

Whilst searching for traces of her family in her old neighbourhood and reminiscing about her last days with her old boyfriend, Hector, she comes across an old re-purposed SHIELD tentacle-bot that went rogue. She fights it into the sewers and puts it down.

When she climbs out, she is confronted by Hector and his finacee; thankfully the sewer muck covers her Silk suit. Hector reveals he went searching for her, but Cindy successfully lies herself out of the awkward situation and returns home.

From a distance, two silhouetted figures comment on how magnificent Silk has become and take her blood off of the defeated bot.

The issue ends with Cindy and Hector crossing paths again, this time in their costumed identities.

Cindy GladThoughts: My first thought after reading this is thank God Cindy isn’t wearing her original Silk costume in this issue; imagine how much that would suck in the sewer fight scene.

However, there’s a lot of negative to follow that. This issue is largely set-up and convenient happenings, the second of which was my biggest picking point with the first issue. Is a lot of what happens here necessary? Yes, it is. Could it have been executed better? Definitely. This issue is almost entirely exposition, except for the random robot which just feels like a cash in on the “Hail Hydra” phase (All New Hawkeye and All New Captain America are others that fall into this phase too, but Hydra at least serves some purpose to the story, unlike what happens here.) It’s lazy storytelling, it feels unnecessary to have our Asian super-heroine fight a tentacle creature,  and then it’s explained away as a SHIELD bot, even though it’s clearly designed with Hydra in mind? Yeah, no. You can do better than that, Robbie Thompson. 

Also, we get randomly introduced to Tamara Pearson, Ezekiel’s assistant. Why? It doesn’t make sense, how does Cindy know of her existence if she’s found no physical trace of Ezekiel’s presence? She is introduced here, illogically and in a story-breaking way, for no other reason then she’s probably a character Cindy will cross paths with to find her family. Pretty sure Tammy will be one of our two mystery figures; speaking of, I really hope the other is Jackal, they seem pretty intent on getting Cindy’s blood this issue. 

Also, I really hope next issue Hector is like, “I know you’re Silk, Cindy, because I ran into you wearing your suit and no amount of sewer muck is going to make me dumb enough to not recognize it when I’ve fought you twice in it already.” The art definitely makes it seem like anyone with half a brain could figure it out and I really hope the reasons Hector didn’t bring it up is because of his fiancee and the fact he’s a super-villain. Because he comes off pretty likable so far and I don’t want to see him pull a Peter Parker and become a complete idiot. I also am pretty sure he’ll bite it before the arc’s over, so prove me wrong here, Thompson.

Cindy is more hit and miss here with her humor; while the first issue was hitting the mark around 80% of the time, it’s more 50/50 here. I’m getting too much telling and not enough showing here, especially with her ‘off powers’ which doesn’t come up at all except in a dialogue recap at the end. Also, what the hell is going on with everyone’s Spider-Sense? Is it gone? It seems like Slott is the only one who wants to play by the rule he admittedly made, but you know what Spider-Writers? When the main Spider-Book establishes a rule, even one that dumb, you play by it.

Cindy MadThankfully, the art team swings in to save the day. Cindy Moon is probably the cutest super-heroine out there and the art team goes out of their way to make sure that’s the case here. Body language and facial expressions are in full force here and the action is still really easy to follow. That might be because a lot of backgrounds are pretty barren in this issue, but Stacey Lee mixes it up frequently enough with detailed backgrounds that it isn’t that noticeable and it does help the action scenes flow well.

My moment of the issue is credited to Ian Herring, who takes Cindy’s moment of triumph against the bot and casts it as a very dark moment.

Verdict: This issue isn’t bad, it has its moments, but just isn’t up to snuff compared to what we’ve been seeing from most of the Spider-Man titles lately. I think it’s a hump that will be easily jumped next time around, although Thompson’s reliance on convenience is starting to wear on me. Next issue will feature Black Cat and hopefully a strong exchange between Cindy and Hector about their secret identities.

Cindy SadPros: 

  • Art team carries the issue
  • Solid characterization 


  • Too convenient 
  • Too much exposition
  • Forced to ‘Hail Hydra’
  • Humor is hit and miss
  • Told not shown
  • Tamara Pearson


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(6) Comments

  1. Frontier

    @#2 - Yeah, I agree. Dragonclaw out of suit seemed a lot more disheveled and down on his luck than Hector did here. A guy with a fiancee and who seems relatively well-off probably wouldn't be drowning his luck at a Supervillain bar or even be a Supervillain to begin with, not to mention I'm pretty sure the Repairman's augmentation has turned Dragonclaw full-on dragon...and possibly stuck that way. If anything, and judging by Hector's reaction to seeing Cindy again, I'm expecting Hector's reappearance will lead to some romance drama for he since it doesn't look like either of the two are over each other. Honestly, I actually really enjoyed the issue, cliche's aside. I agree that some of the stuff that happened was convenient but I thought Thompson did the best he could with them to setup future plots for the series. I guess I'm more forgiving because I thought the overall product was good in spite of a few plot contrivances. I'm shocked, honestly shocked, that Robbie Thompson has actually gotten me to care about Silk so much after how Slott had handled and written the character. Her inner monologues, how her personal conflict is presented, and seeing her in action and trying her best to make it in the Superhero game makes into a much more likable, interesting, and engaging character compared to how she was under Slott's pen. Seeing her searching for her family and getting even more of a reminder of how much of her old life has changed and passed her by, and then seeing her first love (and someone who she genuinely loved and didn't need stupid Spider-Phermones to fall for) has seemingly moved on really made me feel for her. The art and the writing really sold it in my opinion. I can buy Hector not being able to tell that Cindy is Silk. She's still relatively new as a hero, the sewage covered up the main parts of her costume, and he was probably too shocked by seeing her again to really notice what she was wearing. God I can't get enough of that Stacey Lee art... people claim Spider-Woman's gone "Batgirl" with her new costume, but Stacey Lee is definitely the Marvel equivalent of Babs Tarr. I hope she stays on the book, and failing that, ends up on something good in the near future. While I didn't view the issue as negatively as you did Shaun, another good and fair review all the same.

  2. Constantine

    I'm liking the series enough to continue to pick it up but Silk's character feels fairly flat. For all the crap she's going through - trying to reintegrate normally back into society, trying to find her parents, and being largely alone - it feels like both the character and the series as a whole should have a lot more pathos and emotion to it.

  3. Nick MB

    @3 Because people might be entertained by it? The first issue got good reviews (including from this site) so clearly the potential exists.

  4. ryan3178

    The book just fell into the "cliche" writing bit with issue 2. You understand because its set up but of course Cindy just happened to run into her ex right out of the sewer. Of course Ezekiel's assistant just magically pops up now after Spider-verse is over. If she was so good she would have shown up right after Peter broke her out of the vault. They did so well with setting up and establishing things in issue 1 that they then fell into the "cliche" set ups with issue 2.

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